How To Go Makeup Free

When deciding to go make up free, there are a couple of ways to go about it. One would be slowly going down on each product until you are comfortable with a bare face. The other one is going cold turkey and ditching everything at once. If you want to go down on your use of makeup do whatever you feel comfortable with. 
Makeup is not the enemy, no, but it can be a burden to some, like me, but it can also be unhealthy for your well being if you see make up as something you have to wear. Maybe you worry about what others would think if you did not wear makeup?

If you have no problem with getting rid of everything at once, go for it. It is amazing and in a couple of weeks to months you will really start to see the benefits and the difference in your skin and mind. If you want to learn about my changes since not wearing makeup click right here

But if that is not something for you, maybe that is too much then here are my tips to what you can do: 

Why? First off, find out why. Why do you wear makeup? And why are you thinking about wanting to not wear makeup? This is something I have talked about in a post before; click here to see it but finding out your why, either for wearing it and/or for wanting to not wear it is key to taking a step in the direction you want to take. If you want to, write it down and have it as a reminder.  

Go slowly. If you don't feel comfortable ditching everything at once, go slow. Do one or a couple of products at a time. Try not wearing blush/contour. Then try not wearing eyeliner or eyeshadow. It can be quite weird to go from using a lot to nothing at all so go at your own pace. When I started wearing makeup I almost wore a full face and just before I decided to stop completely I only wore mascara.

Check in. As you are taking away products from your routine check in with yourself? How are you feeling? How does it make you feel to not wear as much makeup? Good? Bad? If you are uncomfortable about going out without makeup then try to find out why to work with yourself on letting that go.

Observe the changes. Maybe you love having more time in the morning for sleep or making a good breakfast. Maybe you like just going to bed without having to take makeup off. Observe the changes around not wearing makeup. How is your skin? Your eyes? Notice the differences in not wearing makeup. You can read about my changes since going make up free right here.

Try wearing nothing. Try going a couple of days or even weeks without wearing anything and see how you feel. This is something I did back in the days when I wore makeup which made me question why I was wearing it because I absolutely loved being free of it. Set a date, put your makeup away so it is out of your sight and don't wear it until that due date to see how you feel and what changes - maybe you feel good about leaving the makeup off for good?  

Who cares? If you are worried about others ask yourself; who cares if you wear makeup or not? Go back to your why. Why do you wear/not want to wear makeup - is it for you or others? Why do you care about others? And if they care it says more about them than it does about you. If you are comfortable and love it then that is all that matters. If you aren't completely comfortable then find the reason why and try to let go of it. Because in reality no one really cares if you are wearing makeup or not.

Time. It takes some time to get used to seeing yourself without makeup but in a couple of month you will get used to it and even love it. You might think you look tired but that is just because you aren't used to your bare face. Remember that (some of) the reasons why you wear it, maybe because you think that you aren't pretty without it or you look dead without it, is what you have been told to feel and told to think. Going make up free made me love the way I look without it. It made me be more at peace with myself. 

Why do you wear make up?