(My) Benefits Of Walking

A couple of months ago I started going on small walks and over time they have become longer and longer. Now, every day after I wake up I go for a walk. What I love about it is that I get to listen and observe nature. I decide how fast or how slow I go while moving my body. Walking in silence is important because your head and your mind needs the time off the constant noise. Today we are constantly on the go with things we have to do, bombarded with opinions and advertisements everywhere, going on a meditative walk can help us slow down and calm our minds.

Because I love walking I wanted to share the benefits I have experienced on my own body and mind with you.

But first, I just want to say that when you start it doesn't have to be long walks, it can just be around the block, slowly building up as you go. But try making it a habit and go for a walk every day for a couple of weeks. In no time your body will need the walk and you will love moving your body and the fresh air. Go on different routes to optimize the benefits.

But let's get into the benefits I have experienced:

Reduces stress - Going for a walk is calming and it relaxes my body while clearing my mind. I have found that in periods where I am feeling stress or pressure going for a walk is really helpful. I get my head out of the situation and by walking I become overall calmer. 

Fresh air - Getting out of the climate inside and into the fresh air is wonderful for my overall being. Fresh air is important for the digestion, making me digest food more effectively and better. The air outside is also important for the blood pressure, the heart rate and it cleanses the lunges. 

Healing - Walking outside listening to the wind, the birds and my feet hitting the ground are so healing to my soul, my body and my mind. It is amazing to just listen to the sounds of nature. Go for a walk and leave the music at home. Observe, listen and just be.

A clear mind/head - I have mentioned this before but one of the things I love the most is how clearing going for a walk can be. If you are feeling any worries, fear, pressure try going for a walk with no music to connect with your surroundings.

Strengthens your body - Walking strengthen the muscles and the bones. Going for a walk will also strenghen the immune system and uplift my mood. If you are ever in a bad mood go for a walk and your bad mood will instantly lift.

Increase creativity - Because my mind starts to relax and  I am clearing my head it will increase my creativity. I have received tons of ideas after going for a walk so if you ever feel stuck, go for a walk.. that kinda rhymed haha. But if you are ever working on a project and you feel like you have hit a wall go for a walk to clear your head and return with a new perspective.

Sun - Walking outside means vitamin D from the sun which is something we all know the body needs. Not only does it provide vitamin D but it also helps optimize all the other vitamins and minerals in the body. It doesn't have to be very hot outside, just make sure your skin is exposed to the sun.

Better sleep - One of the things I also love about walking is the impact it has had on my sleep. Not only do I sleep much better but it is also easier for me to fall asleep which is amazing since that is something I have struggled with. Going for a walk before going to bed to clear my mind is amazing for the ability to fall asleep.

An awesome break - Going for a walk is a wonderful break. It refreshes your body and mind and you return with more energy.

Do you ever walk?