My Tips For Vegan Beginners

I recently had my second 'veganniversary' on my 21st birthday, where I shared 21 things I have learned in 21 years so I have been vegan for quite a while now- If you want to know the benefits I have experienced click right here to read that post. But today I wanted to talk about some helpful tips for you who has just started your vegan journey, maybe you are interested in veganism or maybe you haven't fully transitioned yet. So let's get into it:

Go at your own pace
Some people make the switch over night after watching a documentary which is great. Some people take it one thing at a time which is just as great. If you are overwhelmed or have a hard time, take it slow, at your own pace. Start by cutting out one or two things at a time. Start by cutting out foods with animal products. Then go on to stop buying products that has been tested on animals. Stop buying clothes with animals or make up with animals in them. 
And if you don't feel comfortable with animals products around you then go through the things you have and filter out the things that are not vegan. You can also use what you have and then when it is done, replace it with a vegan alternative. Remember that it is a process, so go at your own pace. 

Have an open mind
Going vegan is completely life changing but completely non life changing at the same time. It is hard to explain how but it is just something you feel. You are going to cut out a lot of things but you are also going to open the doors to many new things you didn't even know about - at least I didn't know about a lot of what I eat today. Have an open mind to it. Be open about the new possibilities and the changes. And remember your body and your mind need time to adjust to this new lifestyle.

A lifestyle
Because veganism is not a restriction. Veganism is a new lifestyle. It can feel like it at first but there are so many new possibilities. As Earthling Ed said in his speech along the lines of; I don't just drink 1 milk. I have tons of new possibilities like oat milk, almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk, macadamia milk, cashew milk, rise milk, coconut milk and many more. And you are able to eat the same meals as before, there are just not animal products in them. And as for clothes and other products, there are tons of alternatives. Go into it as a lifestyle change and not as a restriction.

You don't have to have the answer for all the questions. For me it helps but if you do not need to then by all means don't waste your time. But it is important to research what is vegan, what are essentials to a plant based diet, what are vegan alternatives and so on. Not only that but I also mean research with your own body. What feels good? What do you like? Remember that you are 'cleaning out' your body so you will have some weird days. But keep going and don't panic, it is going to be better than okay.  

Watch dokumentaries/videos
Documentaries are so great for knowledge and some people use them for reminding themselves why they are vegan which I think is great. I personally don't need to because I could not imagine not being vegan but find out what works for you. Definitely give them a watch. Some you can find on Netflix and some are on youtube. Some good ones are: 
- Forks over knives 
- Cowspiracy
- Earthlings 
- 101 reasons to go vegan. Find it on youtube here
- The best speech you will ever hear. Find it on youtube here.  

Find recipes
Find a handful of recipes that you can easily make so you always have something to eat. Have a folder on your computer with recipes or print them out and put them in a folder. Have recipes at hand so you always have something to flip through. Something easy and quick to do. 

This is not necessarily a vegan tip but prepare. Food prep all you can and if you are going somewhere have some fruit and nuts in your bag you can snack on. If you are going out to eat, find their menu and see what possibilities there are and maybe call ahead to hear what they have or what they can do. If you are going out to eat and there are not many possibilities, then eat before so you won't have to rely on fries or a mediocre salad to fill you up. 

It can sometimes be difficult if you are the only vegan you know. I am so lucky that I have vegan parents. Find a community where you can connect with fellow vegans. Here I suggest Vegan Amino which is a big community with so many awesome people and tons of inspiration for food. You can find me right here. There are also vegan facebook groups you can join. Find some support, where you can ask questions, get help or just someone to talk to. 

I have heard so many people say that after they went vegan they have experimented so much more with food and had so much more fun. This is also something I can relate to because as I said before, so many new doors have been opened. Figure out what you like to eat. Have fun with it and try new things. I have had so much fun with it that 3 eBooks came out of it which is so amazing- click here to check them out:

Don't worry about protein
This is probably one of the biggest worries there are around veganism. Protein. People today talk about it like it has to be 95 % of our diet. It shouldn't. Far from actually. There are more people that are sick from too much protein than there are from actual protein deficiency. 
People also often forget where there protein comes from. The animal who eats plants. The animals who gets there protein from plants. You are really just skipping a step and going straight to the source when eating a plant based diet. 
There are plenty of plant protein sources. Here are just a few: Spinach, hemp seeds, nuts, quinoa, broccoli, bananas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, almonds, chia seeds and avocados. There are plenty of possibilities and it is not something to worry about as long as you eat a variety of whole foods. 

Accidentally eat something non vegan? 
Relax. It can happen. Learn from your mistake and it is not like it means that you are no longer vegan. You didn't do it on purpose. Veganism is about doing as little pain as possible. You making a mistake is not the end of the world. I once ate bread that had a milk powder in it, which didn't make me feel great but I learned to check instead of just assuming. Learn from it and move on. 

Lastly I also wanted to mention that your taste will change. In a matter of weeks your tastebuds will change and when the animal products are out of your system you will also notice a change in your cravings. It is so weird once craving candy in the middle of the day and now I want apples, haha. But changes will happen to your body in an absolutly amazing way.

Do you have any vegan beginner tips?