(N)ice Cream eBook - Out Now

Being vegan does not have to mean you don't get to enjoy delicious ice cream when the weather starts to get warmer because it is so easy to make yourself and just as delicious.. if not more. My mother and I decided to share exactly how easy and delicious it can be in our new eBook. Get ready for the summer and grab a copy. 

’Have a (n)ice day’ is an eBook filled with nice cream recipes for every taste. Not only are there a ton of nice cream recipes but there are also soft ice, topping sauce recipes, ice cream sandwiches and ice cream bowls, that has a nut free alternativ.    

Get it right here for under 4 USD or 25 DKK: 

English: https://www.soluunashop.com/product-page/english-have-a-ni-ce-day

Danish: https://www.soluunashop.com/product-page/dansk-have-a-nice-day