Thrifted Treasures // Magazine Wall Art

There are tons of ways you can fill out frames for some gorgeous wall art. One of them is cutting out pictures from magazines or books which is what I am going to talk about today. There are tons of magazines and books at thrift stores with gorgeous photos that are very inexpensive. Garden magazines, art magazines, books with pictures of nature, pictures of animals or maybe 'fashion' magazines? There are many possibilities and they can be found super inexpensive at the thrift store. 
Either making a collage or just framing one photo. Here I did both for some variation. Making too many collages can make it very messy and just having one photo in each frame could be a bit boring. Look through the magazines/books, cut out the ones you like and play around with them. 

Look through the magazines and find the photos you like. Bookmark if there are more than 1 photo in a magazine/book.

Use an exacto knife or a pair of scissors to cut out the pictures. For a more rustic look rip the edges of the photos.

Use double sided tape to secure the photos on to the base and put it in the frame.

The result:

Use the magazines/books in your decor: