Trouble Falling Asleep? What To Do

Falling asleep is, for many, something that is very hard to do when in reality it should be pretty easy. Laying in bed on one side and in a few minutes turning to the other while you struggle to fall asleep. I think this is something everyone has experienced. Tossing and turning in bed and it feels like you have tried for hours but nothing happens. 
This is something I have been struggling with for a long time but finally cracked the code not that long ago. Yeah, there are still nights where it's takes a bit longer but mostly I have figured out what helps me and that is what I want to share with you today:

What to do before you go to bed:
Fresh air and a low temperature. 10 - 15 minutes before you go to bed, open your window(s) and let in some fresh air. Being hot while trying to fall asleep is not the best combination because a lower temperature is key for a better sleep. Not only does this lower the temperature but it also means fresh air which is always good for your body. In the winter lower the temperature on your radiator at night. 

No screens/electronics before bed. You have probably heard this before but no electronics half an hour before bed - it really makes a big difference. Try it for a week and see how much your mind will actually relax and calm down. This is probably the biggest game changer for me and I like to read, write or meditate before I go to bed. Screens/electronics stimulate your mind and we all know those nights where you scroll and scroll on your phone and you didn't even notice it was so late. 

Yoga poses. Exercising and getting your heartrate up before bed (is for some) not the best thing to do - it isn't for me. But here I am talking about the calming poses of yoga where you use them meditatively (which you kind of always do with yoga but here you don't get your heartrate up). This is something you can do in your bed or on a mat. 
Child's pose is so great for relaxing and I like to do this with my arms down my side.
Half lotus pose is also great for relaxing + this is a great pose for meditation. 
Savasana is my favorite because it is the easiest way for me to take deep breaths. 
Start out by being in the pose for a few minutes, breathe and then build up as the days go by. This will do wonders for your mind and make it easier for you to sleep. 

Braindump. If you have a lot on your mind have a notebook where you can write it down. This is great to empty your head of worries, things you want to remember or all of your thoughts in general. This is typically what I use my diary for because it is great to get what my mind is spinning on out of my head.

Foods: If you like having a snack after dinner then dates are perfect because of the high amount of zink which is key to a better sleep. I like to blend dates with some water to make a dip and then eat it with some sliced apples. From my experience you can also eat it with some bananas and a handful of almonds which are also helpful for sleeping.

Stress: of course, being stressed doesn't not help you with falling asleep but if you are stressed you might have some trouble and if you want to learn how you can prevent yourself from getting stressed or how to reduce it if you are then click right here: How toreduce stress w. Vegan Earth &Soul. Being relaxed is key to a good sleep.

When you can't fall asleep: 
There are many ways to help you with falling asleep and what all of them have in common is calming your mind and your body. These are the things I like to do when I have trouble falling asleep:

Breathing. When trying to fall asleep focus on your breath going in and out and your stomach going up and down. This will calm your mind and focusing on your breath will also help if you have a lot of thoughts flying in your head. When you focus and think about your breathing you don't have time to think about your thoughts. I like to also lay a hand on my stomach and feel it moving up and down.

Feel your body. Something I like to do if I find myself unable to fall asleep is feeling my body. Starting from my toes to my feet and all the way up to my head. Feel and think of each body part sink into your mattress and slowly start to relax with each breath. This will also help you if you have a lot of thoughts because you focus on something else.

Count your breath. Count 1 as your breath goes in and 2 as your breath goes out. Keep going up to 10 and then start over again. This will also help you relax and help if you have a busy head. If you start thinking, go back to 1 again.

Listen to calming music. If you have trouble falling asleep listening to some instrumental music can help you relax. It is not something you have to do for a long time before you can feel your body and your mind starting to relax. Focus on the music and take deep breathes will help calm your mind.

Do something for 10 min. If you have trouble falling asleep do something for around 10 min. to get your mind out of the 'I can't fall asleep' mode. Here you could read, listen to music, write or something that also helps is to wash your face with cold water. Just do something calming that is not looking at your phone..

Do you have crystals in the room where you sleep? This is something I recently heard, that having crystals in your room can make you have trouble falling asleep and sleeping in general. This is because the energy of the crystals still work even though you are asleep, working with your energy unconsciously. The night I took my crystals out of the room I felt completely calm inside and at peace. It was actually easier to fall asleep. There are some crystals that are helpful and one of them  is rose quartz which is very calming but otherwise try having crystals elsewhere than in the room you sleep.