My Answers To 'Vegan Questions'

These are the answers to vegan related questions and statements I get whenever I am among other non vegan people. And let me tell you, I have been asked these things many times. I try to answer the best I can which you only get better at over time. Whenever someone asks me a question I don't have the answer for I research. So really, thank you for asking, haha (but can we stop with the protein already?)
I like to be informed (not that I know everything) so that I can answer whatever questions people have. Not that you have to answer but one of the things I also like about being vegan is the information and the research. Again, not that that is something you have to do.

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But let's get into it:
"But why though??? // Why are you vegan?"
There are many answers to this question and it would take a lot of time to cover everything in depth. But the short answer: Because not being vegan is cruel. Because eating and using animal products can never not be cruel. Because nothing is more important than the lives of innocent beings who can do nothing to defend themselves. Because I don't believe we can just to do animals what we want, use them how we wish. The biggest reason for me is the animals. I absolutely love animals so I can't see how I can use animal products and still do that,  there is no way to do both. But also because of the planet, the environment. Because of my health. Because I want to. But ultimately, who are we to use animals? - That's why I'm vegan.

"What about protein? // How do you get enough protein?"
Well, what about the 'protein' you eat? The animals you eat for protein eats plants which is where they get their protein from. So when you think about it, eating animals is just another step to take. A very, very unecessary step. And today people talk about protein like it has to be 95 % of our diet. It doesn't. Far from actually. Have you ever heard of anyone dying of protein deficiency? I didn't think so. 
But where do I get my protein? 
From many different kind of plant foods. Some of them being spinach and other leafy greens, broccoli, hemp seeds, green beans, almonds, chia seeds, cashews, potatoes, avocados, bananas and many many other things. There are protein everywhere in plant foods! I am definitely not lacking in protein.

"But we have always done it this way"
Just because we have always done something does that automatically make it right?

Just because we have always done something doesn't mean it's right. 

And really? Have we? Have we always locked up animals, so many in one place they aren't able to move, force fed them just for the sake of our tastebuds? Have we always done that? No, back in the days humans used to go hunting because there wasn't enough plants to eat. That is the reason humans started eating meat. There are plenty for the whole planet now so we don't need to anymore. 

"Well, it's my life so it is my personal choice and I choose what I want to eat"
When there are dead animals on your plate, your clothing or any other products it stopped being your personal choice a long time ago. When beings, that have done nothing, beings that just want to live, are being killed for you to eat or use them that is not your personal choice anymore. Did the animals have a choice? Their choice has been taken from them. And not just meat but also dairy and eggs and other animal products. They are locked up unable to do anything about it. And you say it's your life? Nope, hasn't been for a long time. When there is something on your plate or something that caused a being to suffer, how can it be just your life?

"But you eat the food for the animals"
Uhm.... you eat the animals? Is that the solution to a non-existent problem? Because there is enough plant foods for everyone, including the animals. 

"But our ancestors ate meat"
True, they did. But as I said before, they only started because there weren't enough plant foods to feed everyone. And there are plenty today so we don't need to eat animals anymore. And just because our ancestors ate meat does that make it okay? Do we do everything our ancestors did?  Absolutely not. 

"But lions though? // But we are lions?"
First off, what makes you a lion? Have you seen the difference between human teeth and a lion's teeth? Big difference. A lion needs teeth to rip the flesh off the animals they eat. Our teeth are for us to eat plants. We do not have the teeth nor the means to kill animals with our bare hands. Or the system to eat raw flesh. 
Do you know the difference between a human's and a lion's digestive system? A lion's system is very short because they eat meat which takes a long time to digest. A human's digestive system is waaay longer and is therefore not suited for meat but plants which are faster to digest. If you eat animals, you have animals from around two weeks ago in your system... just saying... 
Do you hunt your food and kill the animals you eat with your bare hands, with what nature gave you? Do you eat the animal right away not giving a shit about organs and everything inside the animal's skin? 

We are not carnivores like lions. We are herbivores.

"But it tastes so goood"
Some murderers have also said that it felt good when they killed someone. Does that make it okay? You may not kill the animals yourself but you pay someone to do it. Taste can never be more important than an innocent life. Never. Just because it tastes good doesn't make it okay.

"But then the cows and the pigs would take over the world"
The only reason there are so many cows and pigs and 'farm' animals is because we breed the heck out of them. So let's stop that and maybe there won't be so many of them to 'take over the world'. Stop breeding them for the use of humans. Also how exactly would they?

"But I don't want to be extreme/fanatic"
First off, in comparison to what exactly? Second off, what is fanatic about not wanting to harm animals? What is fanatic or extreme about compassion? What is extreme about not wanting animals to suffer and be killed for the sake of nothing? If we did what we do to 'farm' animals to cats, dogs, rabbits, you would do everything in your power to stop it. It would be illegal. What is the difference between dogs, cats, rabbits and pigs, cows and chickens? Nothing.

"But what do you even eat?"
Everything you eat without the animal products and so much more than you could even imagine. Potatoes, pasta with many types of pestos, vegetables, fruits, smoothies, ice cream, nuts, seeds, waffles both sweet and savory, burgers, pizzas many different ways, baked mashed potatoes, lasagna, pies, cakes, bliss balls, roasted veggies, mayo, hummus and so so much more. 

"But.. you do eat fish don't you?"
Fish are animals, so no. 

You mean heart disease? .. yeah no thank you... Meat, including bacon, dairy and eggs are causing the the leading causes of death such as heart disease, strokes and cancer.

What will happen when you stop eating meat?

What is wrong with eggs?

Ways dairy is making you sick. 

'But it's just a pig"
So because it is not a dog or a cat or an animal that's cute, does that make them any less? And what do you mean by just a pig? You are mad at people for eating dogs? What's the difference? Who are the judge of others worth? 

"I could never go vegan.."
That's funny, I used to say the exact same thing... before I went vegan. And now the only regret I have about going vegan is not doing it sooner. And veganism is not only about what we eat but also not use animal products in beauty or fashion or anything else + testing on animals. 

Nothing is more important than a life. And even though you don't do it yourself, still makes it murder. You take the life of a being that was innocent and didn't want to be killed. What would you say to the animals to make that okay? 

An educational video to watch: