Plant Trees By Searching The Web?

Have you ever wondered if there is a way you can help the environment by just searching the web? Never had I before I learned about the wonderful Ecosia. Ecosia is a free search engine that helps plant trees all over the world. How cool is that? Every time you search you help plant a tree. You even have your own counter telling you how many trees you have contributed to planting. What I also love about Ecosia is that unlike other search engines they do not sell your personal data advertisers and have no third party trackers.

But why are trees so important?
Trees are so incredibly important for the planet and for us to survive. We could not exist if it weren’t for trees as they produce oxygen making us able to breathe. Trees also clean the air, cool down the planet and they are also a home to so many animals. Not only that but they also clean the soil filtering chemicals, provides food and save water.

So I think it is safe to say that trees are pretty important not just for humans but also for the planet and the animals.

How does it work?
Ecosia, like many other things, earns money on ads. If you click on the search ads that are above and next to Ecosia’s search results you generate revenue for Ecosia. At least 80% of the profit goes to planting trees. And even though you might not click on the ads you still contribute to the movement by being a user making it more attractive to advertisers.

How to install?
It is so quick to do. To make Ecosia your search engine click right here and then click 'add to your browser' in the right corner of the screen. And that’s how you do it. If you would like it to also be on your phone so you can plant trees on the go, you can download the app here and use that as your main search engine. 

If you want to know more they also have a blog so you can stay updated on more amazing things they do.

Help the planet by searching the web and planting trees.