What Intuitive Type Are You?

I have talked about intuition before - check out how to listen to your intuition right here - But did you know that there isn’t just one way to be intuitive? I didn’t until recently. Therefore, I have asked Jessica from Jessica Ellen to tell us more about the different types of intuition and if you want to know what type of intuition you have then download here workbook right here and learn more about yourself - it is completely free. 

But let's get into her post on the different types of intuition:


My name is Jessica Ellen and I am a New Age Clairvoyant & Soul Enlightenment Coach from Brisbane, Australia. I am so excited and grateful to be here writing this guest blog post for you on intuitive gifts so that you too can connect and work with spirit and your spirit guides!

Let’s just get one thing clear before we get started.

Human fear when it comes to working with spirit is a liar (in fact fear is the biggest liar ever, but that is another topic for another day).

Don’t get me wrong I completely understand why there is so much fear based around working with and communicating with spirit and spirit guides because even I had to go through a massive process of dissolving those human fears and perceptions before I could connect.

Here is the thing, you probably have a human perception in your mind what working with spirit or being able to communicate with your spirit guides is like. These perceptions might come from stories, your parent’s perceptions and teachings, schooling experiences or TV shows and films but I want you to take your power into your own hands and realize none of these things you have heard or seen are your authentic truth when it comes to working with and communicating with spirit.

I guarantee you that the perceptions you have about communicating or working with spirit are not how it is actually like to have that open channel of communication with the higher realms especially in the New Paradigm of Light (or “The New Age” as my guide Angela calls it).

It is loving, it is full of light, it is fun, it is playful, it is funny, it is encouraging and it is the most heartwarming experience I have ever felt in my life.

Spirit acknowledges that everything that has ever been thought of in some shape or form exists as the balance of positive and negative is the natural order of our universe.

However, they don’t harp on that and instead encourage us all to realize that via the laws of the universe WE are in complete control of the type of experiences we have in our physical realm as well as the higher realms. This is basic Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics at play here, what you put out energetically is the exact experience you will have here in our physical dimension as well as the higher realms.

On that note now that we have gotten human fear to go to the sidelines let’s dive into the intuitive gift types, below I have listed out the six main intuitive gift types and how they work.

Pay attention to what stands out to you cause often this is your soul nudging at you to take note:

Clairvoyance (clear seeing); Clairvoyance is the ability to receive and have clear visuals in your mind’s eye (commonly referred to as your third eye). If you feel drawn to visuals or even prefer to learn via visuals this may be your main and strongest intuitive gift.

Claircognizance (clear knowing); Claircognizance is the ability to know things or outcomes extremely clearly without being told, an example of this is that you know you are going to win an award or receive a new job offer. This often comes through in what we commonly refer to as “gut feelings” or an “inner knowing”.

Clairsentience (clear sensing); Clairsentience is the ability to sense things incredibly clearly without being told; this can be other energies or information that you defiantly didn’t know about before. This is often a gift that co exists with Claircognizance and being an Empath.

Clairaudience (clear hearing); Clairaudience is the ability to hear things that are not coming from our physical dimension either physically with your own ears or internally.

Clairscent (clear smelling); Clairscent is the ability to be able to pick up on the scent of a passed over loved one or something spirit is trying to convey to you. This could be a passed over loved ones cologne or perfume or you could smell something in relation to the visuals spirit is conveying to you to help put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Clairgustance (clear tasting); Clairgustance is the ability to be able to pick up on the taste of something spirit or a passed over loves one is trying to convey to you. This could be that a passed over loved one used to love having tea and biscuits which will result in you having that taste in your mouth.

What stood out to you the most? If you would like to further deepen this process I actually created a workbook + guided meditation on identifying your strongest intuitive gift and the best part? It’s FREE! You can download it here: iamjessicaellen.com/freebies

I hope this blog post assisted you in understanding intuitive gift types and also encouraged you to drop those pesky human fear perceptions. A big thank you to Camilla for asking me to write a guest blog post on this topic!

Much love,
Jessica xo 

Thank you so much Jessica! It was an absolute pleasure having you write this piece. Do yourself a favor and check out her workbook! It is an amazing tool to get closer to your own intuition and your gift. You get a great understanding of each type and she guides you through each of them asking great questions to connect you with the type that resonates with you. It helped me a lot and I am sure you will benefit from it too.

Check Jessica out on her social media right here:
Facebook: Jessica Ellen

Did you know that there were more types of intuitive gifts?