Why You Should Join Vegan Amino

I have been a member of Vegan Amino since September 2016 which means that I have been on the app for 1 year and 308 days. I have shared tons of recipes, asked questions, chatted with fellow vegans and engaged in other member's posts. 
This app is the social media for vegans or anyone who has an interest in the lifestyle. Now I know I talk a bit about minimizing the use of social media and I am planning on doing a guide to how you can be less on social media but if you are vegan, just starting your journey or the least interested in this lifestyle I would highly recommend you downloading this app. Why? Here's why: 

The app is free and you can find my profile by clicking right here: My vegan amino profile.

A community 
This app is an absolutely amazing place and I have yet to encounter negativity. Having a place like Vegan Amino where you can share your journey and learn from others is absolutely amazing and you will never feel alone. There are so many awesome people you can interact with, chat with and meet new people, maybe even make a couple of friends? I myself have met an awesome girl on the app which I have also collaborated with in the past.   

This app is wonderful if you need support. If you do not have any vegans around you this app will help you if you feel all alone. There are so many chats and conversations you can be a part of with like-minded people. Just the fact that there are so many vegans in one place is so helpful and supportive.

Find recipes and food inspiration
What is stopping a lot of people from eating a plant based diet is the fact that they do not think they have a lot of possibilities for meals. Let me tell you, this app is absolutely filled with the most delicious recipes. I myself share a lot so if you are in the need of easy vegan recipes then you definitely need to check out this app. What's your next meal you might wonder? Check out the app and you will find it in no time because of all the delicious recipes. 

Ask questions
If you have any questions about the vegan lifestyle, maybe you are not sure if something you are interested in is vegan or not or maybe you just have a general question about veganism, you can always ask questions and I guarantee you there is someone there with the answer. It is so great to see so many open conversations about the lifestyle and how people are helping other people. I myself have asked a couple of questions that have always been answered. 

Get the latest vegan news
People share so many great wins for the vegan community so if you want to know what and how much is actually happening in the world then download this app to stay updated. I absolutely love the news I get from the app which makes me even more grateful to be a part of the vegan movement. Seeing one country ban fur another banning animal testing is amazing + all the vegan products is amazing. So much is happening. 

New vegan products 
Have you tried this? There is a new vegan product at my supermarket. This new products is amazing and it is vegan! These are just some of the posts being shared with awesome new products in the stores. I know that I have probably used the word amazing a lot of times but it is just truly amazing to see so many amazing (lol) new products for vegans to try. If you are looking for vegan alternatives or new things to try then definitely check out this app.