Ambassador For Tees For Bees

Let's ignore the fact that the grass in my garden is having a very hard time in this heat because I have some very exciting news! I have become an ambassador for the company that raises awareness for the bees. In fact 10% (or more) of the profit goes to support, help and save the bees. Get your own ethically made T-shirt to help out and to spread the message right here! Not only do they have incredibly cool T-shirts, they also have bathing suits, hats, tank tops, crop tops, long sleeved shirts and tote bags.

Why are bees important?
Bees are an extremely important part of our planet and ecosystem. Bees pollinate 80% of our plants including some of what we eat. We need to take responsibility for the way we are treating nature and the planet that is our home. And the fact is, the bee population is declining. 1/3 of bees have already died out. How exactly does this effect us? Well, we would not last more than 4 years on this planet if bees were to completely die out. We need bees to survive. 

So let's save the bees, shall we?

Use the code CAMILLA for free shipping on your next order! 

Go to their shop right here.