DIY Bra Top

I don't know about you but I have never liked the traditional bras with wires. They are so uncomfortable, hurts and leave red marks on my skin. So a couple of years ago I decided to ditch them for good and go for a more comfortable option; triangle bras and tops like these. They were super cheap at H&M and other fast fashion stores but not exactly ethical, so what then? 
Organic Basics has the most amazing basics including triangle bras that is, you guessed it organic but also ethical - You can learn more about them here and also get 15% off your first order. It is definitely the easiest to buy them but they are also super easy to make yourself. I just found a regular top with thin straps and cotton fabric at the thrift store and did this:

Put on the top and mark where you would like your top to end. Add 1 cm seam allowance. Cut it.

Optional: Zigzag stitch the end to make sure it does not unravel. 

Turn the top inside out, fold up the end and pin it in place. 

Sew it with a straight stitch take out the pins and you are done.

If you find the top to be too loose or flowy then turn it inside out and draw a line going in towards the bottom of the top, sew it in place and cut off the excess. 

Thank you so much for reading