How To Be Less On Social Media

There are many people who are more on social media that they are in the actual present of the world that is not seen through a screen. Social media is for many people, if not all, something that lowers the productivity because of the mindless scrolling for hours and hours. I myself have noticed that I am way more productive without my phone near me and logged out of all social media platforms.

I have also experienced that I feel much better being less online and I am more in the present. Less to no comparisons, less negativity and I feel overall more aligned with myself and my surroundings. I have slowed down the constant fast pace of the online world and turned down the constant noise. I have more time for what I actually want to do instead of wasting it on social medias. 

Be in control of your use of social media instead of letting it control you. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are designed to keep you onto the platform making you lose focus and mindlessly scroll instead. 

I am not saying to totally quit it because it has it's perks but to simply be less on social media and more in the moment, the present of where you are which is hard when you are constantly bombarded. 

If you want to stop wasting time on social media then here are my tips: 

Turn off notifications
Turn off your notifications and you will not get a ding or a message on your screen every time you get a notification. This is typically what sucks a lot of people in, make them lose focus and jump back into the screen. You check the notification, go back to the home page and start scrolling again. This you will avoid when you turn off the notification messages. 

Remove apps from your phone
I have removed Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Goodreads, Pinterest and deleted my Snapchat account on my phone which has resulted in me being less on social media on my phone which has been so liberating. I am not constantly wondering what goes on in the online world but instead I focus on what brings me joy and the activities I like to spend my time on. 

Unfollow unhappiness 
Unfollow people who do not give value to your life, accounts that do not bring you positivity or anyone you do not have a reason to follow. Get rid of the ones that is supposed to give you motivation but instead just end up making you feel bad about yourself or what you are doing. If there are any account you feel unsure about, write them down and put the list away, unfollow them and in a month or two, if you have not thought about them then you do not need them. 

Put it away
In order for you to not reach for your phone the first thing in the morning, not to scroll at night before you go to sleep, making you lose sleep, turn off the wifi, put your phone away into a cabinet or a drawer so it is out of your reach. When you are working on your computer, log out of your social medias. Put it away and you will be less online. 

Check when you have a reason
Make it a habit to only check your phone when you have a reason. If you do not have a valid reason, then you do not get to check. Make a small list of some valid reasons to check your phone. It could be that you want to see if your friend has responded to your message or that you want to post something. If you find it hard then let someone else make your reasons.

If you want to mindlessly scroll, set a timer and when it rings, stop scrolling and get off your phone or computer. 

Have something else
Find an alternative thing you can do instead. When you start to quit the online world you will feel very restless and very tempted to go back on. To prevent that have an activity you can do instead. It can be anything, for example, I love to write, create delicious food, take photos, walk or read. Find something to do to keep you off social media. 

Going off social medias is breaking a habit. Breaking the constant desire to reach for your phone. It is hard a first but gradually you will feel more free from the online cycle and discover new things you love to do, things you want to try and be more present.

Thank you for reading! I hope to see you again.