How To Drink More Water

Water is so important for our bodies since we are basically water. I have always been so incredibly bad at drinking water and have always been dehydrated with dry lips and a tired mind. When I started thinking about how I could better my life I wanted to see what being hydrated would do to my body. I started out with getting 2 liters of water and then worked my way up to 3. 

Now I don't know what the correct amount of water is but I have felt that around 3 feels so great. And some days I want more and some days I don't need that much. It also depends if I am on my period or if the weather is really dang hot like it is right now. 

What actually happened when I started drinking enough water? The first thing I noticed was that I was less tired. I had so much more energy, a better concentration and I just feel less cranky both in the morning but also during the day. I have no headaches and my skin and eyes are glowing. I overall feel so much greater when I drink more water. 

Here are a few ways I started drinking more: 

1. Spice it up 
I started out just drinking water without anything in it other that a couple of glasses with lemon juice in the morning. This went on for a few months and I did not see many changes other than the fact that I went to the bathroom more. 
Then I started putting in lemon and cucumber slices and many other fruits and veggies and boom, changes happened almost immediately. I felt so much better after the first week of only drinking water that had fruits or veggies in it. If you want to know my favorites ways to spice up my water then click right here. Make sure what you put in your water is organic. 

2. Track it 
The glass I drink from can contain half a liter of water. So I started off with 5 circles in my calendar and slowly worked my way up to 6. Everytime I had finished a glass of water I would mark it in one of the circles. This helped so much because I got to see what I actually drank and set a goal of how much I wanted to drink. 
Now I don't have to mark it in my calendar, I just drink and feel in my body when I need it. And that is a lot. If you don't have a physical calendar you could always make a note in your phone or you could get a water tracking app. 

3. Have water with you
I always have a glass of water by my side at home, at my night stand when I read, by the side of my computer when I write and ready on the table after my yoga practice. When I go out I always carry a glass water bottle typically with some freshly squeezed lemon juice in it to always keep me hydrated. When you have it with you, you are more likely to actually drink it than if you had to go get some water when you are thirsty.  

4. Make it a part of your routine 
Drinking water is a part of my morning routine. The first thing I do is drink a glass of water, then I do some yoga and then I drink another glass. It is especially important to drink in the morning because in the long amount of time we have been sleeping we have not been drinking water. So it is important to make it a part of your morning routine to get hydrated first thing in the morning.

4. Eat hydrating foods
You do not only have to drink water to get hydrated you can also eat hydrating foods. A good one is watermelon but cucumber, strawberries and other melons are also super great. This will definitely help you if you have trouble with the water. I typically eat one cucumber a day (call me boring but I love it as a snack - so refreshing) and in the summer I love to enjoy half a watermelon. And of course, lots of strawberries. 

This is how I started drinking more water and it has ended in me feeling so much better. It is definitely better to work your way up, drink more water as the days go so your body can adjust to it and you avoids the headaches that can appear if you suddenly go from no water to 3 liters. Let your body get used to it and eat more hydrating foods.