5 Life Changes // 3

I make changes in order for me to better my life and my routines to a more simple and mindful life. Today I am going to be talking about more of the changes I have made in my life over the past few months. If you want to read part one click right here and if you want to read part two then click here  for even more life changes. These following changes and the ones in past posts have made me happier, more mindful and more in touch with myself. So let's get into it and maybe you can add a couple or all of them to your own life?

1. Eat when I eat
This is really about doing one thing at a time in order to be more in the moment - if you want to know more about being mindful check out my post on how to stay grounded here. But specifically I have been focusing on eating with no distractions. No screens. No books. No nothing other than my food.
To make it easier, do it gradually. Start with breakfast, eat it with no distractions and see how that feels. It will be hard at first if you are used to always having something around but after a few weeks it will feel so much better. Then move on to the next meal of the day with no distractions until you need the silence with your food.   

Result: I have enjoyed my meals so much more than I did before. I am eating mindfully and I am able to listen to my body once I have had enough or if I need more. 

2. 5-10 min. clearing my clutter every day
I have been spending 5-10 minutes every day clearing my clutter in my room. Get those clothes on the floor to the clothing bin. Wash the plates that have been sitting on my desk. Get everything that is not where it should be back on its place. By doing this, just 5 minutes a day you save so much time and energy instead of having to spend half a day organizing the mess. You can do it any time of the day, I like to do it before I go to bed so my room is clear in the morning. 

Result: I am more organized and I have a space that is not filled with clutter. 

3. Gratitude journal
A gratitude journal, or really just adding it to your regular journal is amazing. You notice all the little things to be grateful for that you otherwise wouldn't have noticed. When you wake up, when you go to bed or any other time, write 3 things, or more, that you are grateful for. It can be anything. It can be hard at first but once you get into it you will notice all those little things you are grateful for. 

Result: This has definitely improved my mood and I have become more mindful of my surroundings and life in general. 

4. Read before bed
This is something I have always done so I don't know if it counts as a change but it is something that I have made a routine to do every night before bed instead of once in a while. It is great for getting my mind and body ready for sleep and to discover new great, or not so great, books. If you are not a big reader then try journaling instead. Write about your day, your thoughts and the things you are grateful for. 

Result: This has been a perfect way to relax and I have been falling asleep a lot easier than if I was looking at a screen before bed.

5. Positive affirmations
In my post about how to be grounded I talk about how we are not our thoughts but instead we are the Being, conscious awareness. I am working on letting go of thoughts but also when I have them, that they are positive. As the quote reads 'you cannot have a positive life with a negative mind' which I think is true, at least it is to me. Think positive but don't judge the negative - just be and let go. 

Result: I am happy and I am able to let go of frustrations, anger and the so called 'negative' feelings and thoughts. 

These are some of the changes I have made. What would you like to change?