Vegan Beginner Tips // 2

I am back with another vegan beginner tips. If you want to read the first one then just move your mouse right here and click to check it out. I would highly recommend you reading that first because it covers all the basics. If you do not know why you should go vegan then click here to check out my benefits of going vegan. But here are some more tips to make it easier and to better your vegan life - and if you aren't vegan (yet) then you can still use some of these tips in your every day life. But let's get into it: 

Go with the process when you go vegan.
You are changing what you fuel your body with so of course you are going to experience some changes in your body. At first it is going to be amazing for many people when they switch to a vegan whole food diet with lots of fruit and vegetables because you are fueling your body with energy. You will feel lighter.
Then many people start to experience some issues like headaches and problems with the stomach and some people think 'oh it must be the new diet I am eating so I'll stop' and yeah it is your new diet but your body is really just starting to get rid of the toxins and animal products in your system. Your body needs time to get rid of what is clogging it up.

This is not to scare you off because it is not bad and not even sure that it will happen to you, just be prepared that it can and keep going it will get so much better, way better than before and you will not regret it.

Smoothies in the morning
Smoothies filled with fruit and veggies are the perfect breakfast because it is easy for your body to turn fruits into fuel and the veggies will fill you up with fiber. They give great energy and they are so easy to make. If you do not have much time in the morning you can make it the night before ans store it in the fridge. They are also easy to bring on the go. I have made a post in the past with a couple of simple smoothie recipes - check it out here

To make your smoothie even better use a reusable straw to do the environment a favor and ditch the plastic straws. I use bamboo straws from Not Just Bamboo. You can find the straw right here and get a cleaning stick too. 

Energy balls 
I don't think it is possible but if you by some change haven't heard about energy balls or bliss bites then you are seriously missing out. Energy balls are absolutely amazing! Great on the go or at home when you need a snack because they are, you guessed it, great energy. Just in general, great snacks! I have a couple recipes if you would like to check them out. They are all so good and if you want even more check out my ebook here with more recipes. 

Learn how to cook
This is not really a vegan tip only because everyone should learn how to cook. At least how to cook a few basic meals. It is so easy and once you get the hang of it you can start experimenting. It is actually pretty fun to cook - at least you choose how fun you want it to be. If you do not know what the heck to make then check out the app Vegan Amino. I have a whole post on why you should join. There are ton of recipes being posted daily so you should be able to find some delicious food to make. 

Find youtubers, blogs, instagrams for inspiration
I follow a couple of vegan youtubers, some vegan Instagram accounts and some blogs for some vegan inspiration which I am going to make a post on soon. You get amazing recipes, tons of information on veganism and it is just nice to follow along other people vegan-journey. There are also tons of youtubers who can teach you how to cook. For instance, I love Liv B and Caitlin Shoemaker - they share great recipes and there are tons of others out there.  

I hope some of these tips were helpful, if you have any please let me know down below.