What's In My Ethical Bag

I only carry a few things in my bag. I don't have tons of old receipts, a few chapsticks, 3 pairs of sunglasses or what else many people tend to have in there that they have forgotten all about. I like to keep it very simple with only a few items so I don't have to look for hours after things I need because my bag is a mess. I am all about ethical and sustainable living so I thought I would share what is always in my bag when I am on the go: 

Homemade bag from thrifted fabric: My mother has been so sweet to sew me a bag I can bring me on the go. You can make one yourself from thrifted materials or you can find a bag at the thrift store. There are tons of options in different styles and sizes. 
Fabric elastic: When I am on the go I like to have my hair out of my face. Therefore I always bring a fabric elastic with me on the go. I love these big ones because I cant feel them in my hair. Sometimes I bring two so I have the option to make braids. 
Water bottle: I never leave the house without water. And I never drink water without lemons, cucumber or another flavor in it. You can click here to find my favorite ways to spice up my water. I don't have to buy a plastic bottle and I can refill it when I need more. Money saved and less plastic. Definitely a win-win situation! If I am feeling like it I also like to bring a bamboo straw with me.
Sunglasses: When the sun is out I like to throw on some sunglasses. I am very sensitive to the sunlight and my eyes quickly start to hurt and I get headaches. Therefore sunglasses always. These are not ethically bought but I do not want to throw out a pair that works perfectly - that would be a waste and I'm not all about that, haha. If they get ruined some day I will find a pair at the thrift store. 
Coconut oil: Coconut oil is an absolute wonder. I have already made a post on how I use it outside the kitchen - check it out here. I always have it on me if my lips or hands are dry. It is just nice to have. The container is from a thrift store. 
Tote bags: Another thing I never leave the house without. They are just so practical if I buy something or if I need a bag for something. And if I bring any fruit with me I like to pop them in there. Tote bags are a must have in your bag!

Anything else? Sometimes I also throw in a notebook and a pen because I tend to get ideas in the most random places all hours of the day. I like to be prepared for that otherwise it is just stuck in my head all day because I can't get it out or I will forget the idea and I can't have that, haha. If it is necessary I bring my phone, otherwise I like to leave it at home.  

Because of the menstrual app clue I know when it is time for my period. Therefore it is also much easier to prepare. It gives me a notification (the only notification I get on my phone) a couple of days before my period. You can also see on the app how far you are in your cycle and if you need to bring period products on the go. When it is time for my period I like to bring: 
Reusable pads with a little bag: I am currently switching from regular disposable pads to reusable fabric pads. These are so much better for the environment and they are organic meaning without toxic chemicals (which is in regular pads). 
An extra small bag: to keep my used pads in. It is just two pieces of fabric sew together like a plastic bag. Then when I get home I can soak/rinse them in water and wash them. 
My menstrual cup: I am also starting to use a menstrual cup. It has taken a few months to get used to but I think I am finally getting the hang of it. Just like the pads these are much better for the environment and one cup can last 10 years! That is crazy compared to how many tampons/pads are used on each period. Such a money saver! 
An extra pair of underwear: I have yet to leak when wearing my reusable pads or the menstrual cup but if it happens I like to be prepared. I have always had an extra pair of underwear in my bag when I am on my period. It is just nice to have 'just in case'.

What are your bag essentials?