10 Things I No Longer Buy

Since diving more into the minimalism and the low waste lifestyle I have really become aware of what is around me and what I spend my money on. And more specifically what I spend my money on mindlessly - because I used to spend money every month on these sorts of things I am going to talk about today without really needing them or truly know the reason why I went to the checkout and put money on the table for this thing.
These are the things I have stopped buying since becoming more aware of what I want to and don't want to spend my money on. I am not saying that these are things you should stop buying but if you want some ideas as to what you can save money on and be free of clutter here we go:

1. Home decor. I no longer buy decorations for my room because to me it is noise to my eyes if that makes sense. They are things just being on display for no reason what so ever. Sure, some decorations can make you happy or some things are sentimental, I just don't see the point. The only things I have are plants for good energy and a few books. That's all. 
I thought I needed something on the walls or around me otherwise it would feel empty so I took me a while to finally remove the stuff and I love it. There is definitely no empty feeling, instead I am feeling way more at peace and calm inside. 

This is definitely not for everyone but maybe just turn down on the constant decorating and buying for different holidays, because it is not really needed. 

2. Cotton swabs and cotton pads. When I stopped wearing makeup and nail polishes that I did not use anyway there was no need to keep buying cotton swabs or cotton pads. They are incredibly wasteful and not to mention most of them are not organic so they are filled with toxic stuff. Nope, no thanks to that! 

3. Tampons. That toxic cotton I was just talking about? Yeah, that's also in tampons (and pads for that matter) and the companies do not have to state what chemicals and toxic ingredients are in their products. I am going to be making a few posts on a natural and low waste period in the near future. Instead of tampons I am using the menstrual cup and oh my do I love it! 

4. Nail polishes. When I stopped and thought about it I could see no reason why to wear nail polish. To me it is completely pointless and not to mention that it also extremely toxic and bad for the environment. I thought it was something I 'needed' because well, I'm a girl or a woman or whatever and to have your shit together you need to wear nail polish.. uhm, no freaking way is that right. Not only are the nail polishes toxic but that mind-set is also toxic. So I stopped buying them. 

5. Jewellery. Now that we are on the topic of what I felt I had to do to 'be a woman' I also stopped buying jewellery (wow that's a really hard word to spell..) because I started asking myself why? Why did I wear it? because.. the only thing that popped into my mind was the 'perfect woman', a mind-set that it was something I needed, and that is not how I truly feel. I do not give a frick about accessories (if you do, I'm not saying that you are less or wrong, please do you).

6. Makeup / beauty products / 'cleansing' products. All those things like body wash, face wash, lotions, creams, hair products and the list could go on. They give me nothing other than money going out of my pocket, bad chemicals and things I don't really need. I love just having a simple and natural routine that is cruelty free and I don't have to spend a ton of time in front of the mirror or a ton of times in stores. Again if that is something you like to spend your time doing then all the power to you, it is just not me. 

I am actually working on an eBook with all of my (homemade) natural personal care products and I am so excited to share it with you!! More information on that to come and I am so excited!

7. DVD's. I used to have a collection of various chick-flick and rom con movies when I realized that I don't really need them. It was only once in a while I actually watched them and if I am in the need of a movie I can go to the library (or the online movie and series library that is free) or go to Netflix or HBO and whatever else they are called. I stopped purchasing them a long time ago and I don't own a single movie in physical form... or in nonphysical form actually. 

8. Phone cases. Why? that is my question. That seems to always be the question, haha. But I think it is a really important thing to ask with everything you do including the things you buy. Currently I don't have a case on my phone and if I want one, one is enough. I don't see the point in having a million different (plastic) phone cases and I don't need my phone to look 'cute'. 

9. Clothes that I don't love. Haven't almost all of us bought something we weren't quite sure about, an impulse buy because it was cheap or something that is not completely comfortable? Well, I certainly have and I am so done with that. The number one thing I want in my clothing is comfort and nothing else. Actually, also that is was ethically made too.. but I don't want clothing that I don't love wearing because I don't end up wearing it. 
I believe that we truly know when we stand with a piece of clothing if we will wear it or not. You truly do know. If you are unsure, if it is not comfortable, if you need to lose or gain weight, or if you do not completely love it, let it be. You don't need it.. or love it and you won't wear it. Maybe once but then never again. 

10. Books. This one is huge for me. I used to want my own library with shelves and shelves of books. But I kind of don't really care if I own the book or not and most books, if not all, are accessible either as an eBook or from the library. I still have a few because I already had them and I enjoy them so they are actually books I will reread but in the future if I want a book I would like to already have read it and therefore know that it adds value to my life. So, I will no longer buy books I haven't read or books that are 'why not own it' books.  

Thank you so much for reading! If you have anything you no longer buy then please let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear it and who knows maybe something I no longer need to buy?