15 Weird Facts About Me

I have always been told that I am weird so I thought it would be fun to share a couple of facts about me so you can get to know me a bit better. Please share a (weird) fact or two about you in the comments, I would love to get to know you too! As mentioned, I have been told that I am very weird but it was actually very hard to find these facts because to me they are just... normal things I do, haha. But why don't we get into the weird stuff (drink every time I just wrote weird - and when I mean drink, I mean water lol):

1. I like to eat cooked foods at room temperature. I absolutely love cooked foods but too hot? No thank you. Cool it down please. This also means that I typically make my dinner earlier in the day so it is cooled at dinner time. 

2. I absolutely LOVE decluttering. It is so satisfying, relaxing and liberating, which is a huge change from my past self where I could not even have all my stuff in my room. Now, I would love to have little to no stuff and I am slowly getting there. 

3. I always make weird faces to myself when I see my reflection. I have no idea why but it's fun, haha you should try it. 

4. I love when paper has a yellowish color. Is that weird? 

5. On the topic of books; I always smell books. The older the book the better the smell. And books are not the only thing I smell, I smell literally anything I can get close to..

6. The walls in my room are completely bare and I absolutely love it! (Me probably loving to declutter a bit too much maybe?..)

7. I am one of those who sleep with their socks on.. unless it's insanely hot during the night. But other than that my socks are on during sleep. 

8. I am an introvert. I like being with other people but I love being alone. I have to have some alone time, preferably all the time.... just kidding, maybe just 90 % of the time. 

9. I always end up watching a movie I have already seen (and enjoyed) because I'm kind of scared of watching a bad movie. I don't know what it is but the thought of watching a bad movie makes me panic. What the fuck?? 

10. I love silence. It is just so nice, calming and relaxing. That also means that loud music is not my cup of tea. Like, can we turn it down please? 

11. I love not wearing underwear. Like, it's just the best! During the night I only wear my PJ's (+ socks) and then no underwear. Das how I like it! 

12. I consider myself to be a spiritual person which is something I want to share more of on here. There are already a few posts if you click 'spirituality' under my header. Let's get weird!

13. I also believe in the paranormal world. Is that the same world?? I guess the definition depends on the person and their beliefs. 

14. I never drink plain water. There is always either lemon or cucumber or a third thing in it. You can learn more here

15. I don't really get the whole obsession with being tan. I absolutely hate sunbathing. All I want is some vitamin D from the sun and I'm happy. 

Bonus fact: I am a perfectionist and super lazy at the same time which is sometimes a struggle. Who am I kidding it is a struggle all the time and my lazy ass wins most of the time...

Thank you for reading. What are some weird facts about you?