How To Use Oracle Cards

Oracle card are a wonderful tool to guide you, heal you and strengthen your inner power. Oracle cards are cards of wisdom that helps you answer any questions you might have and cards to guide you if there is something or someone you need clarity on. They are divine energy of love and light useful if you are looking to find a meaning.

My deck is Doreen Virtue's Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards and I absolutely love it. The energy is amazing and the connection I have to the different goddesses is strong. The deck and the goddesses serve as a great tool to anything I would like some clarity on. The goddesses cleanses, heals and strengthen my inner feminine wisdom and awakens my intuition to create balance within myself. The deck comes with a guide book with more about what the cards mean and who the goddess is. 

If you would like a deck I would highly suggest the one I have by Doreen Virtue. She also has other great decks, I have heard wonderful things about her angel deck. Look around, read about some different decks and see which one you connect and feel drawn to. 

So, oracle cards are a way to be guided but how exactly do they work? There are many ways in which you can use the cards. Remember to trust what comes to you. Here are a few different ways you can use oracle cards:

Remember that these goddesses and these cards are just guides and not your decision makers nor do they offer a straight yes or no answer. The keyword here is 'guides' as that is what they are. The cards will not necessarily give you the answer, it is all about your feelings and intuition with the specific card(s) that will lead you to the answer. 

Ask a question
While you mix the cards in your hands think of a specific question you would like an answer to, you can even say it out loud if you want to. Keep the question in your mind while you mix the cards and stop mixing once you feel like it is enough. There is no wrong time to stop mixing the cards. Then pull the card from the top of the deck. Here is the answer to your question. Use the book to get more about what the card means. And again, what pops into your mind when you see the card? Also notice feelings in your body when you see the card.

What do I need to know today? 
Ask the question 'what do I need to know today?' in the morning while you mix the cards. Stop when you feel like it and pull the card from the top of the deck - or spread out the cards and pull the one your are drawn to. Have the card on display for the rest of the day where you can see it. 

Which goddess serves me today? 
This is also a question to ask in the morning while you mix the cards. Stop when you feel like it and pull the card from the top of the deck. The goddess is your guide for the day. Learn more about the card and the goddess in the guide book. Have the card on display and do what the card says connecting with the goddess. 

What is the cards trying to say? 
There are a few ways to go about this method. Mix the cards and stop once you feel like it is enough, pull a card either the one at the top or spread them out and pull the one that you feel drawn towards. Before turning the card around, ask what the card is trying to tell you, what it is about and pay attention to the first thing that comes to your mind. You can also turn the card around and then ask what it is trying to tell you. Trust what comes to you. Learn more about the card in the guide book. 

Past, present, future
Mix the cards and stop once you feel drawn to. You can either ask a question or just clear you mind and pull the cards. Either pull the first three cards from the deck or spread them out and take the once you feel drawn to. Either way, pull three cards. Place the first to the left, the second in the middle and then the last to the right. The first card to the left is the past, the card in the middle is your present and the card to the right is the future. Use the small book that comes with the deck, what comes to you to read the cards. 

These are just a few ways I like to use my cards and ways you can use them too. Before you start to use a new deck read how to initiate the deck in the guide book that comes with it. When you have pulled a card and you are 'done' with it - once you feel like you no longer need it, knock it a few times at the back to cleanse it before putting it back into the pile. 

When you have used them for a while you might need to cleanse the whole deck. You can do that by visualizing a color, for example white around the pile or you can do the same thing as you do when you are done with a card, knock it a few times on the back to make sure you get clear messages. 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you again! Leave any questions you might have in the comments below.