My 5 Favorite Vegan Youtubers

I absolutely love Youtube. Not only for the entertainment (which is amazing) but also because of all the amazing and inspiring people on the platform. I have learned so much from the people I watch and there are so many great (vegan) channels and today I am going to talk about my absolute favorites. Channels with amazing recipes, education on various topics like ethical fashion, self development, how to help the planet and other life changing topics. Let's get into the awesome people with even more awesome content. Just click on their name to go to their channel:

I found Kristen earlier this year and I absolutely felt in love with her content. She makes videos about everything I love; ethical fashion, thrifted clothing, low waste and veganism. She was the one who inspired me to make the post about ethical fashion and the damages of fast fashion. She is definitely one of my favorite youtubers and I have learned so much from her!

On her channel you will find: 
- Thrift the look (she recreates celebrity looks from thrifted items) 
- Facts and information on ethical fashion, fast fashion and generally the whole fashion industry
- Low waste 
- Thrifted haulternatives
- Veganism (vegan and cruelty free brands) 
- Videos where she talks (more like exposes) the wasteful and hurtful brands and trends 

Anna is probably the person that has helped me the most in terms of self development. She makes amazing videos in a way that makes sense. She is all about the natural living and how to actually live instead of following the norms and patterns of today's world.  How to break free from the destructive habits and mindsets we are taught from a young age. If you think her channel name sounds familiar it is because I have collabed with her in the past about how to relieve stress - check it out here

On her channel you will find: 
- Self development videos 
- All about her van life 
- Life changing books
- Talks about topics like intuitive eating, life changing mindsets, how to get rid of social media addiction and so much more about life in general. 
- Low waste
- Minimalism 
- Talks about veganism

Liv B's channel is filled with food. Like extremely delicious food! You can literally learn how to cook by just watching her channel. She makes me want to be creative in the kitchen and to share my creations with the world. She is the proof that you can veganize literally anything and make it even more delicious. My mouth is seriously watering while looking through her channel. Do yourself a favor and check out her videos.

On her channel you will find: 
- Absolutely incredible vegan recipes
- What she eats in a day
- Recipes for lazy meals
- Vegan beginner guides, workout routines, fridge and pantry tour and so much more
- Did I mention absolutely amazing recipes?? 

All about the vegan life including recipes (that are delicious), grocery hauls and what she eats in a day. Her bubbly personality brights up my day after watching her video(s) and she makes it so easy to create in the kitchen. I also love her taste test's typically with her (also) funny friend - it is great to see all the vegan products out there but also some products that... need a bit more work, haha. 

On her channel you will find: 
- Amazing and easy vegan recipes
- What she eats in a day 
- The Vegan Chopped Challenge (which is fantastic)
- (Funny) taste tests with new vegan products
- Personal videos such as what she has learned while traveling, productivity tips, chats with Caitlin, why she stopped wearing makeup and so much more  

I discovered Pick Up Limes through a friend (thank you Mia) and I absolutely love her calm voice, enjoy watching her tea talks about various topics and get inspirations for the next thing I want to make in the kitchen.. and enjoy afterwards. She is so down to earth and I love how she mixes minimalism, self development with indulgent recipes that are easy to make. 

On her channel you will find: 
- Vegan recipes
- Minimalism
- Self development 
- What she eats in a day
- Tea talks about various topics like success, our planet, healthy habits and so much more. 

These are just some of the vegan youtubers I like to follow. Let me know who your favorite youtubers are in the comments below.