Vegan Chocolate Almond Cookies (GF)

It was raining, dark outside, I was on my period and watching New Girl and I wanted something sweet so I went to the kitchen, followed my intuition and these bad girls came out of it. Soft, chocolate and almond cookies that can be enjoyed while they are warm or when they have cooled down. Vegan, refined sugar free, gluten-free and so incredibly decadent! Only four ingredients and all the tools you need are a fork, a plate, a bowl and the oven. For about 15 cookies you need:

100g almonds 
70g almond meal (if you do not have almonds you can blend up some almonds finely)
30g carob powder
200g fresh dates, pitted

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius. 

Mash the dates one by one on a plate with a fork. 

Chop the almonds roughly with a knife and put them in a bowl. 

Add the carob and the almond meal to the bowl and mix well. 

Then add the dates to the bowl and use your hands to combine the date paste with the dry ingredients. 

Once combined take around a spoonful of the dough, roll it to a ball and press it flat with your palms and fingers. If the dough is too sticky wet your hands a bit to make it easier to work with. 

Place them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. 

Put them in the oven for 10 minutes. 

As mentioned, they can be enjoyed warm - let them cool for about 10-15 min. or let them cool completely.