Why You Should Watch 'The True Cost'

You have clothes in your closet. You wear clothes on your body every single day. You may even buy clothing on a regular basis. Clothing that you and many of us know nothing about; where it comes from or what impact it has on the planet and the people who are making it. Until recently, I was one of those people. I may have bought thrifted clothes but sometimes I went to a fast fashion store and bought clothing without any idea of what actually goes on behind the fabric and how it destroys the planet.

Because it does. Not only the planet but also the people making it. And that is what 'The True Cost' is all about. It sheds light on a topic that most humans know nothing about; the dangers, the damages and the injustice of the (fast) fashion industry. 

What is The True Cost about? 
The True Cost is a documentary that is asking the questions we do not ask. How exactly is the clothes we wear being made? Who makes the clothing? And how does the fast fashion impact the world? These are just some of the questions this movie takes you along the way to answer. 

This is a documentary for everyone who buys, wears, use clothing which is essentially all of us; 

- Learn about the workers who sew the clothing you buy. Their dangerous environments, their long hours and the low wages 

- Learn about how the fashion industry is incredibly wasteful and destroying the planet

- Learn about how people are dying in the name of (fast) fashion

- Learn about how people are living in dangerous and deadly environments because of the fashion industry

- Learn about the way the cotton fabric is made and the dark side of it

And that is exactly why it is so important. It is so educational on a topic so unfamiliar to us as consumers not thinking twice about where we shop, how much we shop and the damages of it. That is why it is called The True Cost; the industry is all about profit. You are not paying the true cost of the clothing you buy. The price does not include the polluting of our water, the real cost of labor, the cost of people dying in factories and because of the toxic air/water. People do not know the true cost and that is what this movie is showing; the true cost of the fashion industry. 

Where can you watch it? 
You can watch the documentary on Netflix. If you would like to watch it you can sign up for a month for free which is what I did but you can also buy a digital download of it right here, learn more about the movie and watch the trailer.