Acne Healing Foods And Acne Causing Foods + Before/After

A couple of months ago I shared this photo on Instagram with a little caption about my acne journey which is not something I have shared much about. I have been struggling with acne since 2011 and I have tried everything! Skin care for acne, gentle skin care and even medicine. The medicine helped for a while but it slowly came back. I have cried, I have been so frustrated and I felt so helpless.
Nothing happened before I started to heal myself from within. As I said in the post, food can either heal you or it can make you sick. In the Instagram post I also mention that I am on the Medical Medium protocol which is not something that I have mentioned here before. But this is what Anthony William's Medical Medium is all about. Healing with food instead of eating you sick. 

"There are two prevalent misconceptions surrounding acne. First off, many acne sufferers are told that their bodies are overproducing sebum and dead skin cells, which can lead to clogged pores. Certain medical professionals suggest that if bacteria from the skin’s surface gets into these clogged pores, these areas will grow infected and inflamed. This is inaccurate. Acne is not made up of the naturally occurring oils in your body and these oils in no way lead to cystic acne.

A second acne misconception is that this symptom is hormonal. Oftentimes women are told that that their hormones are responsible for their acne. This is also incorrect information. Acne may be worse during puberty or during a woman’s menstrual cycle each month, but hormones are not the reason for the appearance or increase in acne during these specific times."

I have often heard that it is just my hormones, that I just need to wash my face (how on earth did I not think of that?) and that it is because I am a teenager and although that may be true it is not the cause of it. Acne is caused by streptococcus in the body and you can learn way more about it on his website right her. Streptococcus, also called strep, grow in our bodies fuelled by certain foods like the ones I am talking about in the 'acne causing foods' below causing acne and several other health issues. Because there are foods that fuel the strep there are also foods that help your body fight against the strep to get them out of your body helping you clear up acne (and other health issues).  

Let's get into (some of) the acne healing foods and then (some of) the acne causing foods afterwards. I have made this list using my experiences only: 

Cucumber: I have been eating roughly one cucumber a day (if not more) and my skin is loving it! Cucumber has so many healing properties, they are incredibly hydrating (which is amazing for the skin) and packed with antioxidants. I put (organic) cucumber in my morning smoothie, in my water, eat it as a snack (with hummus or by itself) and to almost every meal I eat. Get in some cucumbers and your skin will glow and love you. 

Strawberries: I have always loved strawberries and I have noticed that they have a great impact on my skin which is why I now eat them every day. They are anti-inflammatory, packed with vitamins and minerals and together with banana you have a killer combination for the skin. In the summer I love to eat them fresh otherwise I put thawed strawberries in my smoothie every morning. 

Melon (any): I have been loving watermelon and honeydew this summer which have both had an incredible impact on my skin. Melons are such a healing food that is a must for any healing process. Whenever I eat melons I light up, which may sound weird but it is true. They are absolutely amazing and as Medical Medium says they are 'balls of purified water'. In the summer I make sure to eat half to one melon a day. My skin especially loves the honeydew melon and watermelon but any other melon will pretty much do. 

Avocado: Avocados, oh, avocados. One would love to be loved like vegans love avocado. Not only are they incredibly delicious but they are also filled with minerals such as magnesium, copper, iron and essential fatty acids that helps the body function properly. They make a huge difference in my skin and I eat a few avocados a week to benefit from their healing properties. 

Garlic: is nothing but nature's healing medicine. Other than being an amazing spice they are also filled with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, B-6, calcium and selenium. They are great for eliminating toxins from your system and I have noticed that garlic has a great impact on my skin. I love to eat garlic in my baked veggie dish, in guacamole, hummus or as a spice for baked vegetables. 

Animal products: Animal products do nothing good for the human body and replacing animal products with fruit and veggies has done absolute wonders for my skin. I could talk for days how much ditching animal products such as meat, dairy and eggs have benefited me, my skin included, it is actually crazy. Try cutting it out, slowly if you do not want to do it all at once, and see what happens. 

Gluten: When I cut out gluten out of my diet my skin started to change. It started to heal. Not only the acne in my face but it also helped with sore spots and red irritated spots on the rest of my body. My skin has started to glow and it is so amazing! 

Soy: does not work well with my body and therefore I do not eat it. I just wanted to mention it because the two times that I have eaten it in the last 5 years it has messed with my hormones making my period appear days after I have consumed soy even though it is completely out of my cycle (which is always on point). Not only does it mess with my hormones but it has also caused me to break out. Breakouts that are more painful and take longer to go away. 

Sugar: I cut sugar out of my diet a long time ago and did a full year without sugar which was absolutely amazing. It has helped me so much both with my physical health but also my mental health. I wanted to see how my body reacted to it so I ate/drank some sugar and it does not end well, haha. It tightens my skin, irritates it and fuels my acne along with many other things. Sugar free again and feeling amazing. I have not touched cakes, candy or any food with refined sugar in over a year. 

Corn products: Oh how I love nachos.. but I must admit that the corn along with the oil in nachos does not work well with my body. It is kind of the same with sugar making my skin irritated and tight and fuelling my acne. It is not only nacho chips but also corn itself. Bye bye corn and one of my most beloved; popcorn, which I regularly stuffed my face with before. 

Thank you so much for reading, if you have any questions please leave them below