DIY Towels // Low Waste

One day I thought to myself that I wanted new towels because the ones I had were so washed and very rough on the skin which is not very pleasant. I did not want to buy new non-ethically made towels which by the way are also not organic and therefore filled with toxins so what then? The towels that are organic are expensive and I did not know if they were also ethically made and I wanted something that was more eco-friendly. 
Then I got the idea to use sheets cut in half. I wanted to try it out so I bought some at the thrift store to experiment with. You can use any cotton fabric you have or whatever you can find. I found two big white sheets at the thrift store and cut them in half and now I have 4 towels - so smart and incredibly cheap! It is so easy that calling it a DIY is a stretch but oh well... I absolutely love them. 

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But let's get into how I made the towels (even though I have already explained it, haha):