My Mindful Morning Routine

Let's talk about morning routines. Why should you have one you might think? Well, a routine is always a good idea because it wakes you up, it makes you more productive during the day and it can also help you raise your vibe + the morning is super important, it's is the start to the rest of your day, it should be good, amazing in fact. So I thought I would share my routine so you could get some inspo and create your own. A routine that wakes you up, creates an amazing energy and get's your body and mind ready for the day. Let's get started:

The first thing that a lot of people do in the morning that I don't do is making the bed. The mattress and the duvet for that matter needs time to cool down and to breathe in order for the bed environment to be healthy. Let your mattress and duvet breathe by pulling the duvet back so the warm side faces upwards. But when my bed is cooled off I like to move my duvet so it is on the bed again. 

Open my windows. Not only does my bed need to cool off but my room also needs some fresh air. Open those windows up and let in some fresh air. It is crucial for a good environment in your room, to get fresh air to the brain and it is really not that bad listening to the birds sing, in fact it is something I looove. 

Brush my teeth. This is probably going to sound super duper hippy but I love brushing my teeth while I listen to the birds sing and just be in the moment. 

A glass of lemon water. If you have trouble with drinking enough water make it a part of your routine. I always, always drink water when I wake up. Firstly, because I have been sleeping for 10 hours and I am thirsty af and my body needs water, haha but also because lemon water helps with my digestion and I get more energy for the rest of the day. So therefore, lemon water it is!

Yoga practice. Urgh, if I see one more veggie vegan just-be-happy bitch doing yoga I'm gonna throw up.. sorry that was weird. No, but seriously it is such an amazing way to start the day. I get stretched, move my body, I focus on my breath and I am all set for a successful day. It is really not something crazy, just a couple of downward dog, upward dog, cow and cat pose and other poses I don't know the name of. I have just created my own little routine, so like, a routine in a routine.. stop it.  

Meditation. I always end my yoga practice with a meditation. I typically lie in shavasana and focus on my breath. 

A glass of lemon water. Another glass?? You thought one glass was enough, hell nah, I need to cleanse my system and hydrate my body. Get that lemon squeezed, pour in some water and drink up. 

Put on clothes. Because, well, that's just a thing humans do. 

Go for a walk. I have previously talked about my benefits of walking - click right here to read the post - and therefore it is a part of my morning routine. I just absolutely love it! 

Breakfast. Then when I get home from my walk I like to make breakfast. Which is always a smoothie. Not only am I a vegan practicing yoga and meditation but I am also a smoothie for breakfast kind of a person. They are such a great start of the day because of the energy from fruits and the fiber from veggies. Click here for recipes on 3 powerful breakfast smoothies. Then I like to drink the smoothie with no distractions like I talked about in my recent lige changes post

Make my bed. Now where my bed has cooled off I like to make my bed. Nothing crazy just giving the duvet a good shake and lie it on the bed and voila, bed is made. 

Now I'm pretty much set for the day, ready to get to work. A routine in the morning has really impacted my productivity in the most amazing way. It has made me way more mindful, way more relaxed and conscious of the moment and where I am. If you take just one thing from this post let it be just having a routine. Because it is golden for your soul. 

Thank you for reading! Let me know how you like to start your day.