New eBook: Personal Care

My new eBook 'Personal Care' is finally here!! Over the years I have collected recipes for a natural and sustainable personal care routine. With these recipes and some other tips and tricks I wanted to make a personal care eBook that was simple, easy to do, vegan and sustainable. I have been working hard on it for the past few months and I really hope it can help some of you out there to build your own natural care routine without chemicals and other toxic ingredients that are to find in today's products. With it's 66 pages this eBook is:

  • Natural 
  • Simple 
  • 100% Vegan 
  • Low waste friendly 
  • Your guide to a sustainable and easy routine

In this eBook you will find: 
  • A natural shampoo alternative as well as a vegan and low waste shampoo bar
  • How to make your own conditioner 
  • How to make your own natural deodorant 
  • How to make your own natural tooth powders and paste 
  • How to make your own face, body and hair masks
  • How to make your own body scrubs
  • How to use aloe vera and what to use it for
  • How to make your own tea rinses for your body, face and hair
  • Different foot baths
  • Different ways to use coconut oil (it can be used for a lot!)
  • Products for a sustainable period 
  • How to make your own dry shampoo 
  • How to make your own natural cream + how to make an herbal/flower oil extract 
  • A self care section with a reasons why it is important and different ways you can practice it
  • A chocolate cake recipe 
  • A relaxing tea recipe 
  • A recipe on salted caramel cookies
  • Many other tips for a natural and sustainable routine including how to make your own towels
  • Links to where you can find all of the ingredients and products mentioned. There is a US version, a UK (and the rest of Europe) version and a AU version. 

And so much more without using fancy ingredients that are hard to find. Here are a few shots from the book: 

Thank you so much for reading!