DIY Crystal (Christmas) Calendar

I was going to give all of my crystals away so I thought I would make a calendar out of them to make it a bit more interesting and it is just amazing to give joy to others through a calendar during Christmas. I made this for my friend and her son and I cannot wait to give it to them! I put two crystals in each bag and then they can choose which one they would like each day.
All materials are thrifted; the fabric is scraps from two beddings sewn into one and I got the thread from a friend. The crystals were gifted, some I bought myself a long time ago and some are hand-me-downs. I made 25 bags and in the last one I put a USB with pictures of all the crystals and their names (you could also make a dokument and print it out). But let's get into it, leave any questions below: 

What you need: 

  • Crystals
  • Fabric 
  • Thread/yarn
  • Paper/glue or stickers
  • Sewing machine or strong glue

  • What to do: 

    Cut two rectangles for each crystal and place them right sides together: 

    Sew three sides together leaving the top open. Fold down the edge: 

    Sew the edge down, fold it inside out and you have little bag:

    Put the crystal into the bag and tie a bow. 

    Cut small rectangles with paper and write the numbers on the side of the paper. 

    Glue around the end of the string: