Life Changing Books // 2

I have always been an avid reader and opening up a book is something I have always loved and probably always will love. There is just something about going into another world of words turning into pictures behind my eyes. My love for books has not changes one bit but what has changed is what I read; I still enjoy fiction and read it once in a while but I have discovered a new love for non- fiction. Especifically self-discovery and self-development books. They are, as the title suggests life changing - at least they are to me. If you haven't already check out my first post with life changing books but now let's get into the books:

The power of now by Eckhart Tolle:
The power of now is probably the most life changing book I have and will ever read. This book is all about how the power of now is the key to liberation by diving into who we exactly are. We are not our thoughts, we are not our feelings, we are not our mind, our egos, we are however conscious awareness, the Being, that observes. This book dives into the truth that is already inside of us giving tools and information on how to get closer to who we really are.

Big magic by Liz Gilbert:
Liz Gilbert hits the nail on the head with this book for people who want to live a creative life (not necessarily make a living of it) and how to do so. With her amazing charm she captures the essences of ideas, inspiration and feelings around the world of creating. Because creating it its own world and it is worth exploring.
If you are creative in any way, and here I (and her too) am not talking about just drawing, painting or writing only but creating with your mind, voice, fingers or body and entering the world of creativity then this is the book for you.

Passionate presence by Catherine Ingram:
She explains the perfect tools to a life in the present while telling anecdotes from her many years of travelling and meeting interesting people and teachers in a way that benefits her point. Passionate presence and the power of now has the same goal; to be in the now and the Being (because it's all you have) but told in two different ways leading to the same conclusion.
I read the power of now and loved it. Then a couple of months after I read the passionate presence and loved it as well. It emphasizes the point made in the power of now while still being its own. Read both of them and your life will change (if you are open to it).

The life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo
I am such a huge fan of decluttering which has not always been the case. At least I hated decluttering my room because in a matter of two seconds my room would be messy again. It would be like that until one day I had just had enough and I threw over half of my stuff out. And it was liberating and amazing and all the nice feelings you can get.
As the title suggest, it is truly life changing when you ask yourself if the things around you are necessary, why you have the item and if it bring joy - because if not they suck your energy and you will never be able to truly have a clean space. I would highly suggest giving this book a read because if you do it right once is enough and if you are like me you will just keep downsizing again and again haha. But Marie Kondo has the best methods to decluttering which is a must read!

Thank you so much for reading! Have you ever read any books that changed your life?