The Power Of Silence

Complete silence is a very seldom concept in this day and age. Always thoughts in our minds, always music in our ears, always advertisements  in front of our eyes, always constant stimulation from left to right, always, always, always something covering the silence.  I have never really felt the power of silence until recently because I was in the mindset that silence was boring and I felt a constant need to be stimulated.
But what I have learned over the past few months, if not the past year, is that silence fills a void that cannot be filled with constant noise no matter how much we try. Silence has the power to bring us back to who we are, to observe the world and connect with our surroundings. Silence has the power to free us from our constant search of what we will never find outside ourselves even though we keep trying. Only in silence are we able to discover what we truly want and who we truly are.

Silence has the power to:
  • Bring us closer to who we really are
  • Bring us closer to the world around us
  • Bring us closer to nature
  • Bring us closer to true happiness and liberation
  • Let go of destructive thoughts in our mind
  • Let go of destructive feelings in our body
  • Let go of pain, both physically and mentally
  • Let go of the ego constantly wanting to control us
  • Ground us and connect with our surroundings
  • Better our mental and physical health

But what exactly is silence?
Silence is when noises outside ourselves stop and more importantly when the noises inside ourselves stop.

Noises outside ourselves being things like music, videos, movies, visual noises like advertisements everywhere, it can be clutter, both around us and inside our head, it can be too many physical things or too many things you feel like you have to do. It is also the constant need to be stimulated by screens whether that is the phone, TV or computer. 

Noises inside ourselves being constant thoughts flying around never stopping, comparison, judgment both good and bad or it can be destructive feelings like pain, anger, irritation or frustration.

Silence is when you stop the constant train of noises inside and outside yourself to just be. Be in the moment, be the Being, observe and connect to what is around you and inside you. Feel every single cell in your body being alive and no matter what your life situation is, in this moment, where you are now, everything is okay. Silence is the awareness of the moment, of the now which is all we have.

There are many ways to practice silence.
To practice silence you practice mindful activities. Activities where you bring your awareness to the moment, to where you are and observe what is around you. It could be activities like:
  • Walking in silence, observing the nature around you. Listen to the wind, listen to the birds, notice the leaves on the trees, notice the flowers on the ground. Observing in silence while walking in nature.
  • Meditating in silence where you bring awareness to your breathe going in and out. 
  • Creating in flow. Creativity is one of the most amazing things to be in the moment and to experience the power of now. Create with your soul.
  • Yoga or stretching. Yoga and stretching bring awareness to your breathing and to your body and you are able to let go of thoughts and be in the moment feeling your body.
  • Just being where you are no matter what you do. If you do the dishes then be in that moment just doing that instead of maybe thinking about what you would rather do. If you eat then do nothing other than eating instead of doing it on from of a screen. Brush your teeth when you brush your teeth. Do one thing at a time. Do what you are currently doing in a mindful way where you bring awareness to the moment, to the activity you are doing and you will bring yourself to the power of silence and the power of now.

My benefits of silence:
  • I am so much more calmer than I have ever been and I am able to take the calm feeling I get from mindful activities with me wherever I go.
  • I have so many ideas and I am way more creative with everything I do
  • I have figured out what I am passionate about and what I want to do in this world
  • I am less anxious and I am able to use my breathing to calm myself down in situations where I feel anxiety
  • I sleep so much better and I am able to quickly fall asleep
  • My mental health has improved so incredibly much
  • I am grounded
  • I am way more in touch with myself and what's around me

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you will consider adding some moments of silence to your day so you can experience the amazing benefits of turning down the distractions. If you have any questions please feel free to ask below.