10 Things To Do Before 2019

Every year, before the new year starts I go through every area of my life to see if there is something I need to get done. I write down everything I can think of and when I am done I take the ones that occupy my mind the most to get them done first. It really helps to clear my mind before the new year starts. Here I have 10 ideas to things to get done before our calendars starts to say 2019. You do not have to do every single one of them but choose a few to get done thoroughly. Is there anything you do before the new year? Leave them down in the comments below.

1. Declutter your social media
Go through your subscriptions on Youtube, the accounts you follow on Instagram and your friends on Facebook and unfollow anything or anyone that does not give value to your life. Are you following people who create destructive thoughts and comparisons? Are you following people just because you feel like you have to? Maybe you are following someone who used to bring you a lot of joy but now you don't really care? Remove all the clutter on your social media for a better experience and a healthier state of mind.

2. Choose a new habit
Before the new year thinking of 20 new things you want to do for a new and improved you is pretty common. And something that never succeeds. A lot of new things to keep up with are just not something we can do, at least not in the long run, we might be able to keep it up for a week but it ultimately ends up being too much all at once. Instead choose one. Choose one new habit that will help you towards your ideal reality. Find one habit and stick to it - and because there is only one it will be so much easier. Here are some suggestions to choose from:
  • Write a page in your journal
  • Read before bed
  • Drink a glass of lemon water before bed
  • Go for a small walk every morning or at noon
  • Meditate for a few minutes
  • Stretch your neck every morning or before you go to bed
  • Do 10 minutes of home workout
  • Get fresh air in your room every morning by opening your window for 10-15 minutes

3. Remove notifications on your phone
Do you want to be less on your phone? I have found that the one thing that made me go on my phone and scroll for hours is notifications popping up on my screen. Someone liked my Instagram picture, someone posted on youtube, someone commented on my post somewhere. When I removed the notifications I automatically spent less time on social media. Because I choose when to go on it. Sure I am still in the process of breaking the twitch, of breaking the habit of reaching for my phone without a reason but I no longer go on it because it says that I have a new like on my screen (or whatever it may be) making me scroll and scroll once I have checked who liked the photo.

4. What can better your life?
Before the new year, ask yourself what you could do to better your life during the next year. What can you do towards a better life? For example, I have been enjoying meditating but not on a regular basis so that is something that would definitely better my life. It does not have to be crazy things that the ego would think we need in order to have a good life but in fact the small things that makes our soul bloom is the most life changing things we can do. It could be to drink one more glass of water, go on a small walk, take 5-10 minutes to tidy up in your room, read the books you have wanted to read for a long time or maybe to actually start taking care of your plants. Ask yourself what small things you could do to improve your life.

5. Uninstall any unused apps
Lots of people have folders on their phone with tons of apps. I have never been that person. But I used to have a fair amount of apps on my phone which made me do a deep clean on my phone a couple of weeks ago. Now I only have the apps I use and the apps I actually want. Before the new year, get rid of anything on your phone that you no longer use or maybe there is something on your phone you completely forgot about and don't really need anymore. Why have a phone filled with clutter when you can have the necessities and therefore a clear phone?

6. Declutter your notes
I don't know about you but I have always been someone to scribble and write notes everywhere. This year I write all my notes in one place in Onenote which has made it so much easier to keep track of them and to get them organized. They still get messy so I regularly declutter my notes to make sure they are up to date and everything that has been dealt with is deleted. Whether they are on your phone, on your computer or in a notebook - declutter your notes for a clear start of 2019. And if you want to, while you are going through them, make a list of things do get done to get a fresh mind before the new year.

7. Declutter your music
Have you ever found yourself skipping songs when you put a playlist on shuffle? I know I have and therefore I decided to get rid of any songs that made me click the skip button. If you have bought the song, for example, on Itunes and do not want to get rid of it completely then just get rid of it on Itunes but save it in your music folder on your computer. That way you can always get it back and if you find yourself forgetting about it during the next year you can get rid of it completely. Declutter the music that makes you click the next button.

8. Try something new in the new year
What is something you have never tried, that you would like to try in 2019? Make a list of all the new things you would like to try - when you are done, choose three. Maybe there is an activity you would like to try? Something creative like painting or drawing or maybe making something from scratch, visit a new restaurant, try a new cinema or maybe to go for a walk in a new area. It does not have to be something huge, it can just be something small to get you out of your comfort zone. Make a plan to try them, have them on display so you do not forget then and actually make an effort to try them.
Three things I would like to try in the new year:
  • A new kundalini practice
  • 7 days without social media/internet
  • Meditating (at least 5 min.) everyday for a month

9. Declutter your TBR list / to-watch movies
Whether you like to read, watch movies or maybe both, go through your list of books/movies you would like to read/watch and see if there are any that have been there for a long time and you never find yourself getting to - it is probably time to remove them. Maybe there are titles you wanted to read once but they do not really interest you anymore. A movie that once sounded interesting does not really spark anything in you anymore. Get rid of all the books/movies on your lists that no longer interest you.

10. Braindump
Before the new year, sit down and start braindumping everything you need to get out of your head.  Get all the things nagging your mind, all the things filling up your mind out on paper. It can be past situations popping up, things you have to get done, regrets, uncomfortable dreams you might have had, things you want to do. Get everything occupying your mind on to paper to feel a sense of relief. Writing them down helps to process and clear your head. I even find it to help my healing process when braindumping and writing things my mind does not think is important. Braindump to get a clear mind for 2019.

Thank you so much for reading. These are just 10 out of hundreds of things you could do before a new year starts to get a fresh and decluttered start. What are some things you like to do before a new year?