20 Sustainable Resolutions Ideas

There are so many small ways to help the environment, the animals and your own health. The new year is the perfect opportunity (like every other time of the year) to make some changes in your choices. Choose to care. About the planet, the environment, the animals, humans. Choose to want to do better. To create a better world. I am not saying to completely change your life over night or that you need to be doing everything in the world to save the planet - but just small changes can have a huge impact.

"You cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that you can do."

Here are some small changes you can choose to make in your life in the new year to help the planet, the animals and other fellow humans: 

1. Ditch the plastic bag for good: the number one thing people talk about when it comes to small changes that can help the environment is ditching the ever so famous plastic bag. 2019 is the year to do just that. Get a fabric tote bag instead. 

2. (start) Going to the thrift store (more often): whether you already thrift or you want to start, going to the thrift store looking for things you need is always a good idea. Support reusing, recycling instead of supporting the production of new materials.

3. Look for things second hand: if you are not into thrift stores, try finding items second hand from private sellers. If you are ever in the need of something try looking on reselling sites like Depop or Etsy. 

4. Use a bamboo tooth brush: reduce your plastic by using a bamboo toothbrush instead of one made of plastic. Organic basics has a great one: 2 pack bamboo toothbrushes.*

5. Get a reusable water bottle: when talking about reducing plastic, find a bottle made from sustainable materials. Not Just Bamboo has many sizes to choose from. You can also reuse an old glass bottle that used to contain foods like juice or tomato sauce. 

6. Go for cruelty free brands: before buying personal care products, make up products, hair product or any other product, do a search on their use of animal testing/animal ingredients to cut away the brands that are not cruelty free. Every time you encounter a cruelty free brand or products put it on a list to build a go to cruelty free (product) list with your essentials.  

List of cruel companies: companies that test on animals.

List of cruelty free companies: companies that do not test on animals

7. Sew your own goods: if you have a sewing mashine sew your own bags, your own napkins (post coming soon) or maybe make some reusable tissues to reduce your waste.

8. Trade skills: if you do not have a sewing mashine find someone who does and ask them to make the napkins/bags for you and trade with something you can do for them. Maybe you are good at something they need help with?

9. If you love baking find a silicone baking mat: to replace the disposable paper baking sheets. You can also use it for cooking.

10. Try a sustainable period product: this year I switched to the cup and I love it. No plastic waste. See if there is a solution for you to use here: 3 natural period products.

11. Do some research on fast fashion: this year was also the year I ditched fast fashion and did some deep research into the (fast) fashion industry - if you want to know more about it I have a post talking about why I thrift shop and what fast/ethical fashion is - you can also watch the movie 'The True Cost' - learn more about it here.

12. Start to go more towards an ethical closet: take small steps towards an ethical closet. Learn about how right here.

13. Try vegan meals: look for vegan recipes and maybe one meal or one day a week you eat plant based. Here are 5 easy potato dinners to try.

14. Make Ecosia your main search engine: to plant trees every time you do a search. Learn more about it and how to install it here. 

15. Try dumpser-diving: if it is legal in your country. It is here in Denmark and my mother goes diving about an hour after the stores close. When I move out I am definitely also giving it a go because there is so much food waste.

16. Make some of your personal care products yourself: I have a guide on how to make your own deodorant, toothpaste and even an entire eBook dedicated to a sustainable and easy personal care routine. Get the eBook here. (Danish eBook here.)

17. Declutter your space: get rid of all the things you do not need for a clear and high vibe space. Learn a tip to help you declutter right here. Here is a post all about how to create amazing energy in your room.

18. Get the book from the library before buying: before getting a new book, try finding it at the library before you make the purchase. If you want the book physically, read it before buying it, that way if you do not like it you do not have to spend money on it.

19. Use coconut oil in your personal care routine: there are so many ways to use it and here are just some of the ways to use the amazing product.

20. Be less on your phone: to be more productive and more in the moment. Here are some tips on how to be less on your phone.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the post and let me know what you would like to try or if you have other resolutions you will be giving a go for the new year. Happy New Year and stay safe. Thank you to everyone who has followed along during this year - I am so grateful for you. See you in 2019. 

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