Ethical & Sustainable Gift Guide

Gift giving can sometimes be quite tricky because there are people you just do not know what to wrap up and give them. It is also tricky because there may well be something on their list of wishes that are neither ethical nor sustainable - should you set your values aside in order to gift something a loved one wants? This is a question only you can answer. I myself, will have a hard time purchasing something that is not vegan, for example, actually I am quite sure I will not buy it even though it is something another person wishes. I just do not feel comfortable with that and I do not want to support cruelty. So what then?

And what do you do when someone has no wishes? First of all, don't buy something just to give something  - yes, it is definitely a nice gesture and this time is about giving but giving something purely to give is such a huge waste of resources  so ask yourself; who do you actually want to gift presents to?

Because this is what it is all about. It is not just about throwing gifts from left to right mindlessly but bringing joy to those you surround you who makes you happy. Bringing joy to them in an ethical and sustainable way. So, how do you do that? Here are some gift ideas to help destroy the planet a little less: 

This is definitely one of my absolute favorites. A bracelet that pulls plastic out of the ocean. Made from thrifted materials and the absolute perfect gift. One bracelet pulls one pound of plastic from the ocean and you can even choose which animals you want to support. Do you have a friend who loves sharks, turtles or maybe polar bears? Then gift them the bracelet supporting that animal. If you want to know more about the company then click right here to getto my post about them.

I discovered Not Just Bamboo this year and I absolutely love their products. I use their straw and their tooth brush everyday and I love them! Plastic is a huge problem on this planet - read more aboutit here - so this is definitely a great idea to show people that sustainable products are just as good if not even better and the products from Not Just Bamboo are something everyone can use, no matter gender or age. For example, you can gift their bottle (many different sizes to choose from), their toothbrushes or maybe their straws?

Why not gift someone the most comfortable and softest basics you can ever imagine? And to make it even better they are ethically made and their cotton is organically grown. If you want to know more about them click right here where I tested some of their products and shared information about their company. Shop for him or her and to make it even better get a pack to same money. You can also get a gift card on their page so the lucky one can choose just want they need in their wardrobe.

You can get 15% off your next purchase with the code soluunaxOB15 

There are so many possibilities on this site for every gender and age and the best thing is that you support the bees while giving joy to others - 10% of the sales go to the bees. Choose between t-shirts, sweatshirts, swim wear, crop tops, bags or long sleeved with the important message to save the bees and to make it even better the clothing is made ethically and sweatshop free. I am so lucky to be an ambassador for the company and I absolutely love the t-shirt I have.

Use the code CAMILLA for free shipping.
Do you know someone who would love to spread the vegan message on their clothing? Then something from Wholesome Culture is perfect! Their products are ethically made and there is something for every gender and age so you should definitely be able to find something for your loved ones. I have one of their t-shirts and I absolutely love it! Choose from t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, tank tops and they even have a holiday collection. You can also get a gift card so the lucky one can get just what they want to.

I absolutely love the vibe and I literally cannot choose between their designs - they are all so cool. Eco Bug Bags make low waste (and therefore plastic free) friendly tote bags, produce shopping bags and kitchen towels that are also vegan friendly. They are so useful for low waste grocery shopping and I think they would bring a lot of joy to a lot of people. I mean… how freaking cool is that banana tote bag?? And don't get me started on the avocado bag..

Another gift that I think is very versatile and something for everybody is a shampoo bar. I love the fragrance free version from Friendly Soap (I get them fragrance free from a Danish site, they do not have it on the Friendly Soap shop - but I believe the aloe vera version is fragrance free) but they also have other great soaps with different (natural) fragrances such as lavender, tea tree, orange, grapefruit and many other. What I love about these is that they are handmade, natural and low waste friendly. The soaps are cruelty free, palm oil free, sls free and parabens free.

Do you already have an item in mind but do not know where to find it sustainably made? Then check out the online marketplace Earthhero and see if they have an alternative there. The site is filled with ethical and sustainable items that would make awesome gifts. It is a place where you can search for items you want to find sustainably made with companies that care as much about the environment as you do. You can find gifts for every gender and age so there should definitely be something for everyone! 

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Do you have any sustainable gift ideas? Leave them in the comments below!