On My Ethical & Sustainable Wish List

I have been thinking a lot about what I wanted to place on my wish list for Christmas this year as this is the year I have been decluttering, diving into minimalism, low waste and sustainability. So often people, me included, put things on our wish list even though it is not really something we need or want but well.. there has to be something there, right? 
I created a list where I placed items I need and items I have had my eyes on during this year so that I wouldn't end up with a list filled with because-I had-to-items but items I have been wanting for a long time. These are the wishes that has stayed on the list:

Throughout this year where I have been diving more and more into the low waste lifestyle I have seen cutlery made from bamboo and I think it is so cool. And then to get a set that I can bring with me everywhere is just even better! There is everything I need so that if I am on the go I avoid plastic cutlery- definitely a huge plus. I also really want another bamboo straw so here I will be getting 2 gifts in one which is pretty awesome!
In a previous post of mine I shared 3 natural period products where I mentioned the Thinx period underwear and I stated that I would love to try them so I thought they were the perfect wish to put onto my list. I would love something for the last days of my period where I can't wear nothing but a cup is just sometimes.. too much. Therefore putting on these would be perfect! Thinx is such an amazing invention that helps the planet and our periods.

You can find the Thinx underwear right here. 

Save the Bees T-shirt
I already have a T-shirt from Tsforbees and I absolutely love it! But I would love a T-shirt that is a bit more neutral than the yellow and red I already have so therefore this black and white save the bees T-shirt is on my list this year. What is awesome about this gift is that I also give 10% to saving the bees which is something that is super important as 1/3 of bees are already gone and without them.. well we are screwed. More accurately we only have 4 years to live without bees. 

You can find the T-shirt right here.

If you wish to get a T-shirt from Tees for Bees then use the code CAMILLA for free shipping and support the bees with 10% of the price. If you want to learn more about the bees and the company then click right here

Gift card to a massage 
Something that I think all people could use and really benefit from is a massage and that is also why it is on my list. There is not really much to this wish other than it is something that I find grounding and a way to release some blockages both physically but also mentally.

Thank you so much for reading! What is on your wish list this year?