10 Hair Products I No Longer Use

When I was younger I used to have the softest hair. Shiny, thick and healthy. Then as I went into the teenage years I started using all of these products on my hair and it was not happy. Slowly my scalp started to get more oily and my ends started to get dry, split and the opposite of soft. And because of that I started using hair products that were meant to make my hair happy but it just.. did nothing.. So I slowly started to minimize my use of hair products and my hair started to smile again. 
Today, the only thing I use is a shampoo bar or some rhassoul clay. That's it. Nothing else and my hair is so strong, so healthy and even though I have not been to a hairdresser in over six months maybe even a year there are no split ends and it is still soft as ever.
Absolutely no doubts that a vegan wholefoods diet with lots of fruit and veggies has helped a ton but stopping the use of these, may I add useless, products definitely did it's thing too. So, here are the products I have stopped using:

1. Hairspray: Oh, the good old hairspray days. I have never really liked the feeling it gave my hair (does anyone?) and they always had the most disgusting smell - at least to someone who is allergic to perfume and other artificial fragrances. I am sure the formula has gotten better over the years but definitely not toxins I see myself using, no matter what the hairsprays are made of these days.

2. Hair tools with heat: I used to wake up earlier to straighten my hair and even earlier to curl it and all I can think of now is why? Today I do not even use a hair dryer and I am not really sad about it and the same with my hair. Deciding to ditch the heat is definitely one of the best decisions for my hair. Heat is definitely a no go if you want healthy hair.

3. Heating spray: Along with the heat comes a spray to 'protect' the hair from the heat. Which is essentially just a bunch of chemicals and toxins we spray onto our hair. I do not know if it actually works, if it actually protects the hair from some of the heat but I do know that even with a heating spray the heat will still damage the hair - at least that is my experience.

4. Hair oil: These are one of the products to use when your hair quality is going south. The ever so famous hair oil that transforms the hair from sad to actually not bad. Sure, they are great to give the hair the happy look but it's just a quick fix. I stopped using the hair products that made my hair loose its shine and softness and then I no longer needed the hair oil.

5. Volume powder: or any kind of products which purpose is to give volume. I am not a scientist and I don't even know what half of the ingredients are in these products but I do know that once I stopped using all of these chemically filled products, my hair started to find its way back to thick and soft hair with tons of volume. If you want to see volume, ditch these products and use rhassoul clay. When your hair is used to the clay after a few months you will have volume for days! I have gotten so many comments about my hair and the volume of it.

6. (Chemically filled) hair masks: Again a product, more like chemicals, that is supposed to repair the damages from all the other products, or more like chemicals. They have never done anything for my hair and as I have stripped away the chemicals, these products, I have come to find that I don't even need masks. And if you want to repair your hair there are tons of absolutely amazing hair mask recipes out there to try with natural ingredients. 

7. Shining spray: Again, one of the products that is supposed to give back what the hair naturally has. A shining spray is definitely not needed when you embrace the natural hair, let it find back to its original form because it will be there without you even having to do something.

8. Salt water spray: So incredibly drying to the hair - it is after all salt which is not the best pal to spray onto your hair. And just like the hairsprays, I was not friends with their smell. Absolutely horrible to be honest, but again, that's just because I am so incredibly sensitive. Again I ask the question; why? And I found that I didn't really want to use it. 

9. (Chemically and perfume filled) dry shampoo: As mentioned, all these hair products used to make my scalp more oily and my ends more dry. I used to take a shower and then the next day it would be oily again. So, of course I buy a dry shampoo. Again, the worst smell and it makes the hair feel like it is covered in hairspray. That has probably changed over the years and they are a lot better now but my hair is less oily and when I need it I have my own natural dry shampoo.

10. The regular shampoo and conditioner: I no longer use the chemically filled shampoo and conditioner - some of them also had a very very bad smell. Instead I use a shampoo bar with only three ingredients and I absolutely love it! It is vegan, low waste and 1 bar equals three 250 ml shampoo bottles. With the bar I do not need conditioner but if I feel like it I also use a natural conditioner: 1 part apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 part water.  

Over the years by not buying these products I have saved a ton of money. I no longer pay for products to damage my hair and I no longer pay for products to fix that damaged hair - or more like damage it even more. Thank you so much for reading! Hope to see you again.