5 Things I Do For Better Sleep

It is such a common thing today to struggle with the simple act of falling asleep. Many of us lay hours and hours awake trying to enter the state of sleep yet only manage to get more and more frustrated as it seems like an almost impossible thing to do. I have struggled with insomnia for many years and it is one of the most horrible and destructive struggles to have. Not getting enough sleep will ruin our energy, our concentration and our overall well being. Sleep is so important and since I have beaten the constant insomnia I wanted to share some of my tips for a better sleep and tips to fall asleep quicker.

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1. Cool room temperature
The temperature of the room in which you are sleeping has a large impact in how you are able to fall asleep and the right temperature has the ability to better your sleep. The ideal temperature is cooler rather than warmer. We all know those hot nights where it is impossible to fall asleep in the heat because the heat does the opposite of calming our body. Instead turn down the heat in your room, you can even turn off the radiator during the night (and save money) and/or get some fresh air in your room and open up your window half an hour before bed. With that being said it should also not be too cold because falling asleep while you are freezing is not easy. The keyword here is cooler rather than warmer without it being freezing cold.

2. Dark room
Whether or not there is light in the room where you sleep has a huge impact on the quality of sleep you get. It is important that the room you sleep in is completely dark because it helps create a cycle for our mind and body and light when we sleep can disrupt that making it harder for us to fall asleep. I have experienced this myself and a dark room makes it so much easier to fall asleep and I feel better in the morning than whenever there had been some kind of light source in my room. If a dark room is not possible try wearing a sleeping mask.

3. No electronics (at least) half an hour before bed
This one is so incredibly important and the one that helps the most when it comes to falling asleep and I have talked about it before but here it comes again; turn off screens at least half an hour before bedtime because scrolling and (the light of) the screen stimulates your mind and does the opposite of relaxing your mind and body. Instead do calming activities such as reading a book, meditation, journal or listen to some calming music or maybe even a podcast. Just make sure you are not looking at a screen.

4. Walk
Walks without music no matter where the walk is placed during the day is incredibly helpful if you want a better sleep and if you do it in the evening then it can really help with your ability to fall asleep. It is so calming and healing to walk and it has a huge impact on your sleep. It does not have to be incredibly long, just go around the block or around your neighborhood, preferably in nature, to better your overall health. I like to take a small walk in the morning after waking up and then one after dinner to cleanse the energies of the day.

5. Stretch before bed
Another thing that has helped my ability to fall asleep and my sleep overall is to stretch. A tense body is not the ideal body to have and to prevent your body tensing up stretch your body before bed. I like to stretch my neck and shoulders, about 30 seconds to a full minute on each side and then my neck by looking down. I also stretch my legs, especially my calves,  and my back which is amazingly calming and a great thing to do before bed.

These are some of the tips to help you with your sleep, don't forget to read the previous post and thank you so much for reading. If you have any questions or if you have some tips for a better sleep please leave them down below