What I Don't Buy Thrifted // Ethical Options

I think we can all agree that I buy a lot from the thrift store - if you want to know more specifically about why I thrift click right here. But there are some things I don't buy thrifted, to be honest it's just a couple. Either because I can't find it even though I have looked for months or because I don't really want to. If you want to know more about how to build and ethical closet then just click right here to check that out and let's get into what I don't buy thrifted: 

Socks: I have seen socks at the thrift store and I have given it a thought as to if I want to use thrifted socks and to be honest I don't know yet. Therefore I wanted an ethical option to get instead and that place is Organic Basics. I ordered a couple and I absolutely love then. They are without a doubt the softest socks and I love the fact that they are a bit longer than most socks I have tried, it's just amazing for the colder seasons. A cool thing with Organic Basics is that they sell packs as well as individual. This means that you can order a pack of 10 and save money.

Organic Basics socks:
Regular cotton socks 2-pack*
Ankle cotton socks 2-pack*

Get 15% off your purchase with the discount code: soluunaxOB15 

Update: I have found two pairs of completely new and warm cotton socks at the thrift store which I got for this winter.

Underwear: Thrifted underwear is probably the number one thing I will not buy at the thrift store, well the bra top Irecently DIYed was from a thrifted top but here I am talking bottoms. You may know where I get my underwear bottoms.. yep, Organic Basics. Just incredibly soft plus it's ethically made and organic. What more can you ask for?? I recently tested their bikini briefs and a few more items to see if they are worth the money, let me tell you, they are!

Links to the different underwear: 
Invisible cheeky briefs 2-pack*

or if you like me, like to wear mens underwear then get them here: men's cotton boxers 2-pack 

Get 15% off your purchase with the discount code: soluunaxOB15 

Shoes: are something I have only been lucky to find once. They were red and I absolutely loved them and wore them for years but since then I haven't had much luck finding a pair of shoes and trust me, I have looked.
There are actually a lot of places you can find vegan shoes - on AVAG.co under 'shoes' you can find a few brands that sell vegan shoes . The only problem I have with online purchases, especially shoes, is that I would like to try them first to see how they fit and I don't really want to send items back and forth. But I have some time to figure out what to do because my shoes will (hopefully) last a few years.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions please leave them down below.

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