Low Waste Changes I Want To Make

Going low waste is like any other lifestyle changes a process. Despite the fact that I would love to have absolutely no waste overnight it is no possible and there are still changes I want to make in the direction of lowering my waste and I discover new ways every single day. Because it does not happen overnight. There is nothing that happens overnight and that is where I think some of the lifestyle changes like minimalism, veganism and low waste lose some people. Because of the exclusiveness, the name calling and the overall  'internet police'.

Yes, give advice. Yes, do answer any questions and be of help if someone were to need it. But please, do not turn into the police telling others that they are not doing a good enough job. Because they are trying, they are on their way, and that is amazing! No one knows everything about a certain thing when they have just started their journey and even if they have been down that road for a while.
There are definitely polite ways of informing someone that there is a less wasteful ways to what they are doing and if you want to, you can definitely speak up, but avoid name calling, avoid rude and aggressive statements and no 'you are not low waste if you..'. Kindness and compassion is the way to go. The opposite just scares people away - which, despite the fact that I want to help the animals and the environment, is also something I am learning.

Like anything else in life, we do not know where people are on their journeys and we need to cheer on each other, help each other out, and learn from each other. Yeah, I wish I was at the end goal and no that does not mean I am not a low waster but it means that I am on the way, that I am open to learning and just like life it is a journey . 

So, enough talking and let's get into the changes I still want (and need) to make for a more minimal waste life:

Fabric napkins: I am so lucky that my parents also want to cut down their waste and the amount of  wasteful stuff that we have so when we were decluttering our home we came to my mother's beloved paper napkins in many different colors and patterns - Incredibly wasteful so in the future we decided to look for some fabric at the thrift store that could be made into fabric napkins - sustainable because they can be washed and therefore cheaper in the long run. The paper napkins were sent to the thrift store to bring joy to others. 

Wooden comb: I have a plastic comb that works fine so I am not buying a wooden comb to replace a perfectly good comb but if the one I have breaks I will definitely replace it with a comb or brush made of wood as it is much better for the environment and I would love to be plastic free. Definitely something I would put on my wishlist for Christmas or my birthday but until then my plastic comb will do. 

Silicone baking mat: We use the oven a lot and therefore we also use a lot of baking paper which is something I (and my parents) would like to change. Therefore we are on the hunt for some silicone baking mats for the oven which is not something were common here in Denmark so it is something we need to look elsewhere for. If you have any you can recommend please do so in the comments below! 

Thank you so much for reading and if you have any ways you would like to lower your waste in the future please let me know, I would love to hear it!