5 Life Changes // 4

I have shared a post about life changes, I have made a second post about life changes, I have made a third post about life changes and now it is time for the fourth one with the last changes I have added to my life and how it has affected it.  Because that's why I call them life changes, they have the ability to form new habits to better areas of the way I live. Better in the sense of improving my mental health, my physical health and my overall well being. I think we all know how changes work so why don't I stop rambling and let's get into the life changes:

1. The two minute rule
When I was watching a lot of videos on minimalism I found the perfect 'rule' to use so that I would not end up procrastinating on every little thing I needed to do; if it can be done in under a minute (or 2) then do it now. Then it is done and out of the way instead of digging in my brain because I haven't done it yet.  This has taught me to not put things on hold, get the small things done so they don't add up to a million little things you have to do. I am so much more organized which means that I have a clearer mind.

Result: I am able to get things done instead of constantly putting it on hold which has improved my mental state.

2. Drink enough water to get hydrated
Drinking enough water is something I have been incredibly bad at doing my whole life. A lucky day would be two glasses of water. That changed this year. In January I started crossing off circles in my calendar every time I drank a glass of water - 5/6 circles to cross out. I have been able to keep it up and now I no longer need to keep track of it. I just drink, my body has gotten used to getting enough fluids to keep it hydrated. If you want to learn more about hydrating and living water then click here to check out my free eBook all bout the topic and my benefits. (Danish eBook here.)

Result: So much has happened since drinking enough water; my overall mental state, my skin is softer, my eyes are glowing, my skin and mind is clearer, my hair and nails are healthier, no daily headaches and so much more - lean even more benefits in my eBook.

3. Listen to my intuition
Something I have been working on getting better at is listening to my intuition and I during this period I have been feeling it bloom. It is really an amazing tool once you get to know it and the more you use it the more you trust it. I have definitely gotten better at tuning in, listening and trusting it - because it is never wrong. It is a brilliant tool to listen to your heart desires and help you with your journey towards whatever you desire. I have a post on how to listen to your intuition with lots of tips and exercises to help: click here. 

Result: I am way more confident in my own skin and I have been able to start pursuing what my heart desires.

4. Putting my phone on airplane mode
In a previous post with life changes I shared that I slept with my phone far away from the bed which has helped me to stop scrolling before bed and when I wake up. Another thing that has helped me break the twitch of mindlessly reaching for my phone is putting it on airplane mode whenever I don't use it. This means that I choose when I want to go on it and not because of a message, a notification or anything else. When I have to undo the airplane mode I also get time to think; do I need to do/check something or is this just boredom and the habit?

Result: This has helped a lot on my journey towards breaking the habit of constantly reaching for my phone with no actual reason.

5. I tried Thinx period underwear
In a previous post I shared 3 natural period products where I mentioned the Thinx underwear. I also mentioned that I had not tried a pair yet - that has changed now. I got a pair for Christmas and wow are they amazing. To just throw on a pair of Thinx underwear just before my period starts and not have to worry about when it comes, if I have any protection or whatever else occupies my mind is incredibly liberating. They are also amazing for the end where I am spotting and not in the need of something heavy protection.

Result: Before my period, just when it is about to start I can use the underwear and not have to worry whether or not I am going to start my period while I am out and about. It is so relieving!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope to inspire you to add some changes to your life.