5 Ways Minimalism Saves Me Money

When people hear minimalism they typically think no stuff at all, that minimalism is about throwing things away. And yes, that is definitely a part of minimalism, to reduce your things to having only what add value and happiness to your life but it is also about being more mindful with the purchases you make but also don't make. To put an end to the purchases made without thinking about it and really needing whatever item you buy. Minimalism saves me money and here is how:

1. I don't really want more stuff
To me, things that do not spark joy, do not add value or happiness are just clutter. When I finally broke the 'I'm bored' purchases, the purchases made that I definitely did not need I was able to experience how much I didn't want stuff. That, when it is not something I truly need, the items are simply just clutter taking up my energy. And that is also why you should get rid of the things you do not love.

And because I do not have a desire for more stuff I do not buy more and therefore I save money.

2. No impulse purchases
I think the biggest thing I save money on when I started to go into minimalism was impulse purchases. And more specifically by not making impulse purchases. Minimalism is also about being more mindful with your purchases and avoid getting into the marketing traps of thinking you save money or that you get a good deal when in fact in the long run you spend more. If you want my tips on how to avoid impulse purchases then click right here.

And because I do not make impulse purchases anymore I save money.

3. I question before buying
Before I buy anything I always, always ask the question; do I really need it? Actually, I ask several questions depending on what the item is but by asking questions, I stop up and think instead of just going to the checkout. Is this something I have been finding myself needing? If clothing: Do I want to wear it immediately? Is this something I have found myself to be missing? And the ultimate question; Does this add value to my life?

And because I question the items I think about buying I do not buy excess things and therefore I save money.

4. Good quality
Because minimalism goes hand in hand with sustainability (at least to me) I have started to look at the quality of clothing and other items when I am out looking. I look for good quality items that can hold longer. This does not necessarily mean the expensive items but just checking the quality before making the purchase. There are many ways to check the quality of clothing - I personally found this video really helpful. I look for items that are not with blended materials, items that are 100% cotton or linen - or when talking about furniture I look for wood.

And by buying quality items they last longer and therefore I save more money in the long run.

5. I only buy what I really need
Because I do not want more stuff I have been able to separate my wants from my needs. There has definitely been times, especially during the process from spender to minimalism, where I bought something I did not really need but really wanted. These items typically end up being thrown away because I do not want the excess stuff. Now, where the only reason is that I want it I do not buy it.

And by buying only what I need I save money.

These are some of the ways I save money because of minimalism. If you want to read about the many things I no longer buy then just click right here. Thank you so much for reading!