7 Weird Things That Happened Since Going Vegan

Veganism is pretty weird to some people. To me is it pretty weird not to be vegan. To me veganism is my lifestyle and my everyday 'normal' - but I have experienced some thing that made me stop and think wait what the heck, when did that happen? I have experienced so many changes since I made the switch to the vegan lifestyle and ditching the animals products. If you want to know the benefits I have experienced since going vegan then click here. Now let's get into the weird stuff that has happened since going vegan:

1. I help the insects and spiders out instead of killing them: I would not say that I have ever been afraid of spiders or other insects. I just did not like them and wanted them to not be where I was and therefore I would kill them. Because that's the way to get rid of them. But I am not bothered by spiders and other small creatures anymore. Instead of killing them I help them out. And sometimes I just let them be. The little spiders or other creatures are worth just as much as me and they deserve to live just as much as I do. I typically use a piece of paper of e small container with a lid to help the little fellas out. 

2. Suddenly realize that world is not vegan: inside my head the world is vegan and then I remember that 'oh shit, people still do that..'. Even the fact that I used to eat and use animal products is so incredibly weird to me and feels like another lifetime ago. 'Wait wait, people eat meat??' or 'hold up, people still wear the skin of animals??' are common thoughts I have since animal products are.. literally everywhere. And I get kind of disappointed when this happens. Wait not kind of, I actually get sad.

3. New food cravings: since when did I literally crave dates? Like what? Dates? Back in the day my cravings were always products with refined sugar or foods heavy on fat. To actually crave fruit is something I found so weird but not something I don't like - in fact I love it! Call me weird but I love snacking on dates, bananas, apples and nuts. Bye bye to refined sugar filled candy and cake cravings, bye to sugary drinks and bye to chips and salty fries.

4. 'New' taste buds: since going vegan I have experienced suddenly liking, if not loving, foods I used to hate. You literally get a whole new taste palette (does that not sound super sophisticated?) when you ditch the animal products. Plant foods just start to become more and more appealing and you enter a whole new world of foods. So appealing that you actually start to crave them. Since when did I like coconut, bananas or avocados? Well since I went vegan. Read more about the foods I started loving after going vegan here.

5. Make desserts with cauliflower and avocados: yep you heard me right. In our eBook 'Nut Free'  (Danish eBook here) we make cake crème, chocolate mousse and other mousses using cauliflower. And no, they do not taste of cauliflower, in fact you cannot taste it at all. Incredibly delicious and.. you get yo vegetables with yo dessert, how cool is that?? and there is literally nothing better than an avocado brownie! I need to make that! Like now!

6. Coconut oil everywhere: after I went vegan I started using coconut oil for many other things than just in the kitchen. It is so great for dry skin, amazing in body scrubs and I make my own products with coconut oil, such as deodorant and tooth pastes. If you want to know other ways to use the wonder that is coconut oil then click right here. Coconut oil is the way to go!

7. Easier when going to the toilet: this might be too much information for some people but since going vegan my visits to the toilet have improved a hell of a lot compared to before. They are more regular and I will be out and about usually under two minutes (unless I am on my period). I never feel constipated or at the other end of the spectrum (again, unless I am on my period) and it is never painful. So that's just awesome. My gut is loving veganism!

These are just some of the weird changes I have discovered on my vegan journey and I love all of them. I would never dream of going back. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you soon. Now I'm off to eating avocado brownies and cauliflower mousses.