More Thrifting Tips // Clothing

So.. thrifting. Something I would say that I am pretty experienced at since I have been doing it for years but there's always new things to learn. It is amazing entering a new thrift shop and they have some things I have never seen before making me think; why didn't I think of thrifting that before? I have already shared some tips before and today we are going to dive more into thrifting tips when going on the hunt for clothes. First tip is definitely to remember to wear something that is easy to get in and out of so it is easy to get out of what you are wearing and try on what you have your eyes on.

Try it on!
If you are looking at a piece of clothing and you don't really know if it fits, try it! There are so many times I almost did not try it on because I did not think it would fit but I ended up loving it and it fit perfectly! Clothes can look not so great on the hanger and feel amazing once you have it on just like clothes can look amazing on the hanger and have the worst fit once you try it. Try it to see how the fit is and you will only truly know if you will wear it when you try it before purchasing it.

Go through the men's section
There are so many great treasures hidden in the men's section and it is usually always cheaper than the women's clothing, at least it has been most of the places I have visited. In the men's section you can find cool oversize tee's and awesome sweaters. You can actually also be lucky to find a pair of loose old jeans.

Go by a certain group of clothing
If you are new to thrifting then first off, check out my first post with thrifting tips (click here) and second off, if you are overwhelmed by all the stuff (I get it, there's a lot) go by your list. If you have a black shirt on that list go to the section with the shirts and if color coordinated, the black section. This will make it so much easier. Need a jacket? Go to the jackets. Need something red? Go to the reds. This will definitely prevent you from getting overwhelmed.

Don't skip the lingerie section
I personally don't buy underwear at the thrift store but I still go to the lingerie and night wear section because I have found some great tops I can make into these and there are really cool pieces so definitely check it out. I have usually been able to find some super cool nightwear bottoms and some tights.

Check for stains/holes
I once bought a shirt with a stain (two actually) which I did not see before getting home. Now I don't really mind it but if you do, check the clothing for stains or holes so you don't end up with that in your tote bag - remember to bring your tote bag. Small holes can definitely be sewn and stains can be covered with a patch or some cool stitching but if that is not an option for you then do a lil' check (in good lighting) to see if you are good to go to the checkout.

Get rid of the smell
Here I am not talking about the clothing smelling dirty or anything like that, instead it's the parfumey laundry detergent that so many people use (so unnecessary and polluting our water). Since I am very sensitive and allergic to perfume and artificial fragrances I don't really buy clothing with a strong scent but sometimes I have just found a special item that I just really could not get my mind off so instead I have developed a little routine to get the smell out. What works for me is to wash it when I get home, then hang it outside for a few days on a hanger and then into the wash again. Out to hang once again, then I hang it between my own clothing and to get rid of the last scent there is nothing to do but wear it so it get's 'your' scent instead. This has worked with every smelly item I have brought home with me.

These are my thrifting tips when it comes to clothing. Thank you so much for reading. Don't forget to check out the first post if you haven't read that already and I'll see you soon. If you have any thrifting tips please do not hesitate to leave them below in the comments.