New eBook - Movie Night // Over 100 Vegan Recipes

As some of you may know I create vegan recipe eBooks and my webshop is full of deliciously filled eBooks yet all of them was only in Danish. For the past year I have been working on translating and making the eBooks English so that I would be able to share them with you here. Finally this has happened and I am so excited to share my work with you! 
Along with my amazing mother I have created an eBook filled with over a 100 delicious vegan (and 100% Medical Medium) recipes that are easy to make and so indulgent and many other amazing adjectives. In this eBooks you will get both cooked and raw recipes including dinner, lunch, snacks and desserts.

You can get the English version in cup or gram to make it easiest for you wherever you may live. The eBooks is about 15 USD / 13 euro / 12 pounds and you can get it right here: 

Movie Night - this is the English version - click here for the Danish one

This eBooks is: vegan, 100% Medical Medium go, gluten free, refined sugar free, has nut free alternatives yet it is 100% delicious! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to leave them down below. 

Why is it called 'Movie Night'? 
You might find yourself wondering why it is called what it is called. My mother and I wanted to create the perfect eBook for a night having guests over or.. for a movie night. An eBook where you could choose what was on the menu that is both easy to make and delicious. The eBook is also filled with quotes from movies or series so you can test your screen knowledge by seeing how many you know. 

This eBook includes: 
Green kale crème with crisp bread
Tomato soup with salted almonds and other toppings
Rösti burgers with ketchup, guacamole and tzaziki
Waffles with humus, curry pesto and avocado crème
Veggie fries with dipping sauce
Quinoa/cauliflower/sweet potato pizzas with various toppings
Red and white potato dishes 
Potato rolls
Veggie patties with and without coconut with cauliflower rice and waldorf salad
Hasselback potatoes with roasted cauliflower
Potato cubes with baked broccoli
Smashed potatoes with baked onions
Mashed potatoes with parsley, sautéed onions and baked cabbage
Zucchini noodles with bolognese or tomato sauce with nut cheese 
Red/white/green potato salads
Broccoli and raw tarts 
Different salads and dressings
A ton of spices 
Different kale chips 
Sweet waffles with nutella, marmalade and banana ice cream 
Chocolate mousse and sweet dips
Tarts with different crèmes
Rustic apple tart with almonds with a nut free version 
Different cakes
Caramel bars
Many different bliss bites as well as nut free bliss balls
Caramel cups