Vegan Ice Cream Bowls // Recipe Week

Welcome back to day two of Recipe Week! Today we are going to make these absolutely delicious (n)ice cream bowls that are super easy to make and they are completely without cruelty and refined sugar - it does not get any better than that! These are the perfect dessert or for whenever you crave some delicious ice cream. Tip: remove the cups from the fridge around 10 minutes before serving so they can thaw just a bit. See ya tomorrow and let's get into making these ice cream bowls!

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Ingredients for 6 cups:

75g // ¾ cup almonds
100g // ¾ cup Medjool dates, pitted

Ice cream:
1 portion of apricot ice cream - find the recipe here. 

Chocolate drizzle:
¾ dl // ½ cup cold-pressed virgin coconut oil
2 tbsp. carob powder
A pinch of Ceylon cinnamon powder

Place the almonds into a food processor or blender and blend until they are finely chopped but still with a bit of structure. It should not turn into an almond meal. Place the dates into the blender or food processor and blend until you get a sticky consistency.

Distribute the  almond crust into 6 cupcake forms and press out the crust in to the bottom and up the sides making a bowl. If it is too sticky wet your fingers a bit and it will become easier.

Place the bowls into the freezer while you make the ice cream - find out how here. 

Distribute the ice cream into the bowls. If you want to serve immediately, remove the bowls from the forms and top with the desired toppings. If you want to serve them later place them back in the freezer.

The Chocolate drizzle (optional): 
Melt the coconut oil at low heat and sift in the carob powder into the melted oil. Add cinnamon and stir. Drizzle on top of the ice cream bowls. Store the rest in the fridge. If you want to add chocolate chunks, place the left over chocolate in a container lined with baking paper and place in the freezer. After a couple of hours, remove from the fridge and cut the chocolate bar into smaller pieces and sprinkle on top as well. 

Top with whatever you desire and can be served with extra ice cream or sauce.

The almonds can be substituted with any other nut. You can also switch some of the almonds with some desiccated coconut or cacao butter. You can also add a bit of orange – or lemon zest, carob powder, licorice powder, Ceylon cinnamon powder, ground aniseed or another spice for some flavor in the crust.