Vegan & Low Waste Shampoo Bar

A few months back I posted about how to use clay as shampoo - click here to check it out - but I also wanted to talk about another low waste and vegan solution for those of you who does not want to use clay. If you are not into using clay as shampoo but would still like what you use on your head to be vegan and low waste then I have the perfect solution for you; shampoo bars. A shampoo bar with only three ingredients. Vegan, no plastic packaging and it works wonderfully not irritating my scalp.

The one I use is from Friendly Soap. Get the shampoo bars here.

Live in Denmark? Then you can get the shampoo bar here which is also fragrance free.

How to use the shampoo bar:
When my hair is wet I place the bar under the water and rub the bar between my hands creating foam. Then I place the shampoo bar on my hair, cover my head in circular motions so my scalp is covered. Afterwards I just use my fingers to massage and distribute the shampoo. Wash it out and you are good to go. So easy and unlike other shampoos I only need to wash with it once. I store the bar in a cabinet in my room.

How does the shampoo bar feel?
After using it my hair is soft and I have a calm scalp. Like mentioned there is no itchiness or redness like I have experienced with some 'regular' shampoos. Now this might just be because of my hair type but after using this bar I do not feel the need to use conditioner which is quite nice.

What are the benefits?
The shampoo bars from Friendly Soap are a great solution for a low waste, ethical and vegan choice:
  • No plastic packaging
  • Not tested on animals and no animal ingredients
  • No artificial fragrances
  • 1 bar equals 3 x 250 ml shampoo bottles
  • I have yet to experience redness, irritation or itchiness when using the bar
  • It cleans my hair perfectly

What are the cons?
I only really have one con of using a shampoo bar and it is this: when it gets super small and it is almost gone it can be quite hard to hold. But instead of rubbing it on my head I rub it between my hands to release the foam, spread the foam on to my head, which makes it easier to use when it starts to get smaller. Other than that there is really nothing I don't like about it.