What Journaling Ever Since I Could Write Has Taught Me

14 notebooks. That's how many journals I have written through since 2012 and I am well into number 15. I have been writing a journal ever since I could write. I clearly remember when we each received a notebook in school and spent a class each week writing about what happened in our lives since the last time we picked up the notebook. I was hooked. Something happened in me when I was able to place pen on paper, like a form of therapy. Maybe it could inspire you to try and see what I can do for you and if you want to start journaling then check out my post right here where I share my tips on how to start.

So, what has writing taught me?

It has taught me to observe and reflect on my feelings and thoughts but also what happens around me.

It has taught me to ask questions and that it is okay if I don't always have the answers. Who knows, maybe I get the answer later.

It has taught me how to see things from other perspectives than my own. There is always another side, if not multiple, to look at.

It has taught me to check in with my emotions and thoughts and therefore I am able to process harder times much easier than periods where I do not write. Whenever I write and get whatever it is out on paper it is like a release in my system.

It has taught me how I can heal. Writing for me is a way to help me heal. When pen hits paper I am able to get blockages, destructive feelings and fear out of my system.

It has taught me that it is okay to have thoughts flying from left to right in my head. Whenever I start writing them out I am able to let go of them.

It has taught me to prioritize myself and what I like to do. I like writing but some periods of my life I got wrapped up in the destructive mindset that did not think it was a good idea, that it was too much work and that I did not get anything out of it. Now I prioritize writing because then I prioritize myself.

It has taught me that I do not need to be perfect and that it is okay that I am trying to figure out how I want to live my life.

It has taught me that my handwriting changes depending on which mood I am in when I write. 

It has taught me that brain dumping before going to bed help with the constant thoughts so I can sleep better.

It has taught me that it is so, so much fun to write!

Thank you so much for reading! These are just some of the things I have learned from writing a journal and I cannot way to explore more benefits from writing in the furure. As mentioned, if you want to get started check out my helpful post right here.