5 Mindful Habits (To Incorporate Into Your Life)

There are so many different ways to live a more mindful life. There are so many ways that trying to do them all would be way too much and close to impossible. Choose a few, if not only one, to start with to see what works for you and what brings you just what you need. You do not have to incorporate all of these into your life, these are just suggestions that have make my life more mindful and helped me in the busy state of mind we tend to live in. And again, it is most effective to start with one habit at a time to not overwhelm you. Let's get into the suggestions:

1. Stretch in the morning
Lightly stretch your neck, your back, basically just stretch your entire body once you wake up. This has improved my day to day life a lot because I feel more relaxed in my body once I have stretched. You can do this in bed or you can get on a mat on the floor (which is easier if you do not have a large bed). Here are some of the poses I like to do - hold the poses for 3-5 breaths:
- Bound angle pose
- Supine twist
- Knees to chest pose
- Knee-to-head forward bend
- Cat/cow pose

2. Eat with no distractions
I have talked about this before but eating while watching youtube or a series is something I have been doing a lot and it is something I like. But I always find my mental state being worse than when I just eat with no distractions. It may sound weird - I myself though 'how can that have an impact?'- that a thing like that would have an effect mentally but my head is so much more clear when I eat and do nothing else. Breaking that habit, of not doing anything else but eating, was and is still very hard but I started by doing one meal a day and then worked my way up. Now, all but one meal is enjoyed with no distractions. And the meal I eat with youtube or a series is also enjoyed.

3. 5 min. 'meditation'/silence
To take 5 minutes in the morning after waking up, close my eyes and focus on my breathing is absolutely incredible and I am able to bring the calm, balanced and freeing state into my morning routine and the rest of the day. It brings me to the present moment, improves my well being and I am able to let go of stress, fear and pressure. I either lay in my bed, sit in my soft chair or on the floor on a yoga mat, close my eyes and focus on my stomach going in and out. Nothing more to it but so incredibly giving!

 4. Read (out loud)
Reading is something that has always helped my mental state. It is calming, relaxing and I improve my sleep in the periods where I read. In periods where I don't read I find myself having trouble with falling asleep. Reading is definitely something to incorporate into your life. If you need some inspiration as to what to read then click here for some books that have changed my life. And to make it even more effective read out loud because it has such a meditative effect. It does not have to be all the time, it can simply be a paragraph or a chapter you read out loud.

5. Prioritize
Before you start your day or if you prefer to plan one week ahead ask yourself what matters to you. What will help improve your life? Is there something you have been putting off for a long time? Make a plan of the things you want to do and if the list is long; prioritize. What is most important to do in terms of when it has to be done and what is the most important in terms of what matters to you? Prioritize what you want to do today or the following week in order to stay on top of things. This will also help you identify what things that does not really matter to you.

These are 5 habits to incorporate into your life, or at least just one of them. Thank you so much for reading and if you have any mindful habits you find to better your life then leave them down below.  And on an ending note I just want to say that with starting new habits, or doing anything really, you need to do it because you want to do them. Not because you are supposed to. Not because you have to. But because you want to do so. If you have a hard time figuring out why you do certain things, sit down and figure out the why. Why is this important to you? Why do you want to do this? Instead of needing to do so, choose to do so.