Decluttering On Social Media // Questions To Ask

During the end of 2018 I became more and more aware of my social media use. Who I followed and why. I started asking myself questions. Why did I follow this account? I started decluttering the accounts I followed and after a month or two I did it once more removing even more accounts. Now, I would say that I follow the accounts that add value to my social media use. But what do I know, maybe I follow even less in a month - maybe I follow more. Actually questioning what accounts I follow has made me more aware of how I am affected by social media. It has made me aware of why I am on social media.

In the start, I went through the accounts I followed on all my social medias once a month. This led me to remove a ton of accounts and even delete a social media or two. Go through your social media subscriptions and following regularly to get rid of any account that does not serve your highest good. Wow, how many times did I just write social media??

Questions to ask about the accounts you follow:

Do I compare myself to this account?

Does this account make me feel any destructive thoughts or feeling? Feelings of being less, of needing to have more, feelings of not being enough.

Does this account inspire me to be better - whatever that means to me? (define this before you go through the accounts)

Does this account make me happy and do I like what they upload?

Does this account add value to my life?

If my follow was somehow removed would I re-follow?

What about the maybes?
While you go through the accounts there may be some you don't really know about. I certainty came across a couple. If you have some maybes you don't know whether to unfollow or not make a list of them, unfollow them and tuck the list away in a cabinet or something. Set a time frame - I would say about a couple of months - and if you have not thought about the accounts on the list and you have forgotten about them then keep the button unfollowed.

What about friends?
The big question; are you allowed to unfollow friends - even acquaintances - on social media? Of course you are. You are entitled to do whatever you want. If you deleted your account, which meant that you did not follow them, would that also be a problem? 

It can be seen as rude or that you are not interested in them as a person - and to a certain degree I can agree with that. But the more I get into it the more I find that, to me, that is simply not true. Because a person does not equal their social media account. If someone has a problem with it is it really their problem to deal with not yours - do you acquire people to follow your account? I am not saying that I have the answer. Because I don't. If you have another opinion about following and not following friends that is totally okay. This is some of the thought I have made about the topic - what do you think?

Being aware of the accounts you follow make you aware of what social media does to you, what it adds to your life - the positives as well as the negatives. It can lead to you questioning why you have your account, it can even lead to you deleting it. Since I started asking questions about what value the different social medias and the accounts I follow, I have deleted Tumblr, an Instagram account, Snapchat and Pinterest. But even if you do not delete social medias, being aware of who you follow can improve your mental health, your happiness and the relationship you have with the online world.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope to see you again!