I Tried The Thinx Period Underwear

In my previous post about sustainable period products I mentioned the Thinx underwear. I also mentioned that I had yet to try them, until now. I have been using the Thinx underwear for few a periods now and they are exactly what I needed! They are life changing and I am so incredibly happy I got a pair to try because I am 100% getting a few more for the end of my period to minimize the washing for one pair only.

Why did I decide to try them? As some of you may know I use (and love) the cup. The thing is, I like to not use my cup at night - I usually don't bleed but would like something to catch the blood if something does come. I would also like something to use for the first and last days of my period where I spot and have a really light flow - for the days where the cup feels a bit too much to use (not that I can't use it because I have and it works perfectly fine) I just find it easier to throw on a pair of underwear on lighter days.

These are the perfect alternative to pads if you are not into tampons and cups that have to be inserted. How cool is it that if you are about to start your period but you do not know exactly when, you just throw on a pair of Thinx and you do not have to worry at all. Bring on the period because you are in the clear!

You do not constantly have to worry on the days up to your period whether or not you are bleeding. I know I have spent a lot of days in school when my period is due and worrying if it is there or not. You can also use the underwear with other products such as the cup or tampons to feel extra secure and/if you have a heavy flow.

There are so many different styles and pairs for different types of flow which is so cool. I wanted the boyshort pair because my other underwear is men's underwear and I love the shorts cut. I ordered a large and despite the fact that I though they looked super big (I definitely underestimated my butt) they fit absolutely perfect! I ordered the same size I usually get in underwear.

How to use them:
You literally just put them on and you are good to go. Well, wash them before use when they are new.

Otherwise, when done with a pair rinse them by hand in cold water to rinse the excess blood out.

Then machine wash them on a cold program - just make sure they are washed with cold water - and hang them up to dry.

You do not have to machine wash them immediately, just rinse them after use and leave them until the end of your period to wash all of them at once. They can be washed with all your other delicates.

Do not use bleach or fabric softener when washing the Thinx underwear - they can hurt the leak-fighting layers.

  • They are reusable, meaning that they last a long time if not forever if you take good care of them which makes them a great sustainable choice
  • You save money in the long run
  • You don't have to constantly buy period products
  • You save the environment from a lot of toxins and plastic
  • They are super easy to use and clean

  • Pricey - though keep in mind in the long run you will save money. I placed them on my wishlist for Christmas last year and got a pair
  • You need to take off your bottoms to change the underwear
  • There is some effort in washing the underwear instead of just disposing of them like you do with pads and tampons but I have found that it is just creating a habit and it's not really that big of a deal 
  • You get in contact with blood when you rinse them (which is not a big deal to me at all)

To answer the question in the title, they are definitely worth it and I cannot wait to order more! With the cup and the Thinx underwear I have the killer combination for my periods. The underwear on the first day, during the night and during the last spotting days and then the cup during the day on my heavier days.

So, this is what happened when I tried the Thinx period underwear. Thank you so much for reading, I hope it was helpful and if you have any questions please leave them down below and I will answer it the best I can.