My Self Care Activities

I try my absolute best to take care of myself and my mental health, to be in the moment and let go of destructive feelings and thoughts. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the fast pace of the current way we live that I need to rewind and get back to my roots. My grounded roots. Sometimes I need to do an activity that breaks a destructive pattern or thought to ground myself instead of flying high. Because this is exactly what I use these activities for; to ground myself and to be nowhere but in the moment.

Go for a walk: is an incredible way to clear my mind and connect to my surroundings. I am brought back to my own breath, I feel my body alive and I enjoy nature around me which has an incredibly healing effect. If you want to know more, I have written a post about my benefits of walking and you can read that by clicking here.

Write in my journal: is always my savior when I have something on my mind that needs processing. Something amazing happens when I put pen to paper and get all of the things digging in my brain out. It is a way for me to let go and get back on track from the spiraling thoughts. I have already have a post coming on what I have learned from writing a journal ever since I could pick up a pen and form words.

Meditation (with peaceful music): at least five minutes a day I sit in my chair, close my eyes and meditate. If I want to do it for a longer period of time I put on some peaceful instrumental music to help and to keep out the noise from the people around me. Meditation is a huge factor in my mental health and I already have a post about how to do it and what my benefits are - click here.

Reading: has always been my way of escaping my own mind. Today I use it more for myself in a relaxed way. I no longer need light reading because my mind is so heavy because I have processed my dark mental state. Now I am able to actually pick up a heavy (not in weight but more in terms of the topic) book and read it with pleasure. I have always loved reading and I think I always will. It is such a great activity to relax. Here are some books that have changed my life. 

Dance: around my room is so grounding and helps me to relax. Well, when I say dance I do not really mean dancing as in choreographed moves but more like feeling the moment and just moving my body how I like. It is a great way to feel your body and shake off destructive feelings. Put on some music, feel it and dance. Dancing also has the effect to improve my mood.

Yoga and stretching: I absolutely love to stretch before bed because it helps me fall asleep and sleep better. Whenever I feel out of touch with myself I roll out the mat and start moving my body. It is absolutely amazing and I love how it makes my body relax and aligned. If you want to know more about that then check out my post about how to use yoga to align your chakras - click here. 

Take photos in nature: picking up my camera and capture the beauty of nature is incredibly calming. I love discovering detail in nature and find the perfect angle for the photo. It is definitely an activity that ground me and I get to use my creativity in a fun and flowing way. 

Laugh: when I feel down or I am having a bad moment I find something that makes me laugh. It can be funny TV shows, series or movies. My go to series are Parks and Recreations is amazing and I also love The Office (US version). For movies I love Bridget Jones Baby or maybe The Spy Who Dumped Me - yes these two movies did make me laugh out loud. I also sometimes like to go on Youtube and find something to make me laugh. Laughing is the best medicine to everything. It is incredible so it is definitely something I do ind order to take care of my overall health.

Tea: sitting down with a cup of warm tea, a movie or maybe a book is what I call relaxing. I love, love, love nettle tea, maybe with some chamomile - these herbs make my body relax instantly and therefore I drink them regularly. If you want more tea recipes or maybe know how to dry your own herbs and flowers I have a free eBook - get it here.

Be: the absolute best thing to get grounded is being. Because being grounded means being. To be in the moment and feel every cell in your body vibrate with life. To focus on your breath, your stomach going in and out. Being is probably, no not probably - being definitely is, the most important thing I do for my mental and physical health. To enjoy the moment is one of my favorite self care activities.

If you want to learn more I have a post about how to get grounded - read it here. 

Thank you so much for reading. These are my self care activities to ground and align myself and to take care of my mental health. Let me know below what your self care activities are.